WhatsApp Calling for Windows Phone “still in the works”

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WhatsApp for WP

Windows Phone users who have felt left out of the in-app calling feature recently made available to WhatsApp users on Android and BlackBerry 10 (and soon iOS) can expect the feature too. In an email response to an enquiry, WhatsApp support team had this to say:

WhatsApp Calling for your platform is still in the works. Unfortunately, we cannot comment on any future release timelines but we appreciate your interest in WhatsApp Calling.

How long exactly to wait before this arrives for Windows Phone? Nothing definite for now.



  1. He he. To put a spin on Mr Mo’s words in an earlier article: “Using a pariah OS is expensive business”…or annoying at least.

  2. If Windows Phone OS is a “pariah OS” what of the Jolla Sailfish, Ubuntu and Firefox operating systems?

  3. WP isn’t a pariah OS per se; it’s actually far from being one. The thing is that some companies don’t think it is viable enough for them to expend energy on developing apps.

  4. I always get this creepy feeling that Windows phone gets scraps and crumbs of apps thrown at them as an afterthought. Imagine we are forced to download facebook messenger without the call features that other platforms enjoy for example

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