WhatsApp for BlackBerry will stop working in Dec 2016

In case you missed the earlier news item, WhatsApp to ditch BlackBerry OS, others, this year, WhatsApp for BlackBerry will stop working in December 2016. The platform is already sending out reminders to its users on BlackBerry OS smartphones. Long time Mobilista, Spacyzuma, tweeted about the message he got today:

WhatsApp for BlackBerry

Goodbye to Whatsapp for BlackBerry

Yes; WhatsApp for BlackBerry will stop working on your smartphone on the 31st of December 2016. When you wake up on New Year’s Day 2017, you will be locked out of the world of WhatsApp if you are using an older BlackBerry smartphone (OS 5/6/7/10). As far as I can tell, WhatsApp is one of a handful of apps that are capable of forcing a mass exodus from a mobile platform. It is so widespread in use that the effect of shutting it down on a platform would be felt heavily.

Does It Matter? BlackBerry OS Is Dead Anyway

Remember too that BlackBerry Ltd. itself has stopped making new BlackBerry OS mobiles. Instead, all new BlackBerry smartphones going forward will run Android OS. Did they read the writing on the wall for BlackBerry OS?

Official US Senate Mail Confirms Death of BlackBerry OS

Just recently, an official email sent to US Senate Administrative Managers, Chief Clerks, and System Administrators read:

BlackBerry has informed Verizon and AT&T that production of all BlackBerry OS 10 devices has been discontinued.

“BlackBerry device support will continue for the foreseeable future and that BlackBerry is committed to maintaining their support of existing devices to include uninterrupted warranty and technical support.”

Your Next Smartphone

When making your next smartphone purchase, unless you are not bothered with having tons of apps and staying reachable via a key app like WhatsApp, I recommend that you do not buy a smartphone powered by BlackBerry OS. If you are a BlackBerry loyalist, make sure that your next smartphone is a BlackBerry powered by Android OS.

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