WhatsApp Hits 400m Active Users

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WhatsApp has announced that they have reached 400 million active users, a milestone that no other mobile messaging service has achieved. 100 million active users were added in the last four months alone.


  1. Yes. This is about WhatsApp, but invariably, BBM gets mentioned any time there is news about WhatsApp.

    What the BlackBerry folks fail to grasp is, the fact you do deals with OEMs and preload BBM on devices does not guarantee people would use the app (actively ).

    The fact an app is present (on / for a platform) does not guarantee usage. You can’t force it down peoples’ throats. [There are apps on my device (eg, Twitter) that I have NEVER launched, for instance.]

    If blackberry wants to match WhatsApp, or possibly surpass them in adoption, they have to, simply, produce demonstrably superior (to whatsapp) app/service.

    They have not been able to do that, so far, in my opinion.

    This is awesome news for WhatsApp.

    Looks like people are simply installing both WhatsApp and other IMs (BBM? ) on their device. BBM doesn’t seem to be making making much dents in WhatsApp’s fortress of user base, does it? ..

  2. Way to go Whatsapp!
    Flexibility is the order of the day. If I may say, It’s availability on major platforms is just awesome…WP, iOS, Android, and also J2ME (Java).

    It’s high time BBM does something and wise up. Crossing to iOS and Android isn’t just enough. It’s obvious BBM4ALL isn’t for everyone yet.

  3. What flexibility has BBM not adopt? You are just a BBM hater that’s all, there are a lot features BBM have features that whatsapp won’t ever get, haven’t you noticed you can’t view your display picture when you launch d whatsapp, though I wouldn’t say whatsapp isn’t great but please cut some slack on bbm still d most secure IM app available. Big ups to them on their achievement.

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