WhatsApp is the king of Messaging apps worldwide!! Check this out

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Yes, we all know that WhatsApp is popular, but I’m guessing you never envisaged it would be like this. Let me clarify, web analytics site, SimilarWeb compiled Android app data usage in 187 countries worldwide, and these were the result.

First of all, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app, leading in 107 countries – that’s about 55% of the world!! It covered the whole of South America, almost all of Africa, and many other countries in Europe, and Asia.


In second place is Facebook’s Messenger, dominating in 49 countries – covering Australia, Canada, and the U.S. Viber sits at third, laying claim to 14 countries. Mostly in Eastern Europe, covering Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Iraq, Libya, and Sri Lanka.

The rest of the pack is Line (4 countries), WeChat (3 countries), Telegram (2 countries). Finally it would interest you to know that BBM is still number 1 messaging app in Indonesia. As at April 2016, the app made it to 87.5% of Android devices in the country. You can see the full report HERE


  1. If Google would just stop all these their Google+/Hallo efforts and buy Telegram (there have been rumours), it would be a great way to checkmate Facebook’s rising dominance, and stop them (WhatsApp) from remaining a monopoly.

    Telegram is technically good enough to give WhatsApp a good run for its money, and deserves better worldwide recognition. What it just needs is something to leverage on…a big player

  2. WhatsApp might be the most used messenger, but it’s not the best messenger, not by a long shot. Telegram and Threema are way better.

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