Will WhatsApp Messages Be Displayed on Facebook?

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Someone has actually made a video spreading the message that users’ WhatsApp messages will appear on Facebook. The video includes steps and instructions on how stop your WhatsApp messages from showing up on Facebook.

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It seems that there is a new Facebook/WhatsApp hoax every other month. People!! Please don’t believe everything that has been said about WhatsApp messages appearing on Facebook. It is absolutely not true.

WhatsApp has been fully encrypted for a while now, meaning your messages cannot be intercepted by anyone, not even by WhatsApp or Facebook.

The only thing being shared with Facebook is your number, and that is with your permission. I believe the objective here is to use that information to serve to the millions of Facebook users more relevant ads which might in turn lead to higher conversions. Again, even the sharing of your number is optional. There is a chance to opt out of this from your privacy settings on WhatsApp.

Please spread this news instead. This is the truth of the matter.


  1. WhatsApp has been fully encrypted for a while now , meaning your messages cannot be intercepted by anyone, not even by WhatsApp or Facebook.

    I hope so. I sincerely hope so.

    If I encrypted something, you are saying I would not be able to decrypt it? Hmmm..

  2. No, Facebook owns the WhatsApp data. They may not use that data directly brazenly, but be sure they will.

    They didn’t pay $17 Billions to WhatsApp to play nice guy.

    He pointed out that the encryption feature does not matter if the end point devices—phones, tablets, and computers—are not encrypted. “Even the most perfectly encrypted platform’s communications are as secure as the user’s devices, and with the rise of new malwares every single day, nobody is safe,” Ismael said.


  3. Was having this same conversation today with someone. Think she’s still convinced Facebook will share her WhatsApp messages.

  4. question is why would they do that?
    what could they possibly gain by posting private conversations to your Facebook wall? some of these hoaxes are really silly

  5. 3WT, your guess is as good as mine. I don’t even know how that would even make sense to Facebook but it goes to show that many people with smartphones don’t really understand how their phones (much less apps) work.

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