WhatsApp Ready For Nokia Asha 501. Microsoft Exchange Too (Updated)

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Nokia Asha 501 show

It is good news that popular messaging app, WhatsApp, is finally here for the Nokia Asha 501. I still have my red unit of the phone, and I love it for its small size. However, it lacks some must-have functionality for me, WhatsApp being one of them. That seems to have been fixed, as Nokia has announced that the app is now ready. According to Nokia, an over-the-air software update will start to roll out this week, and after being installed the 501 becomes able to run WhatsApp. The update brings the 501 to the latest software version that comes on the recently announced Nokia Asha 500, 502 and 503. Keeping fingers crossed.

Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Too?

Meanwhile, the main reason why I am unable to use the Asha 501 as my primary smartphone is the absence of Microsoft Exchange, and consequently the inability to synchronise my contacts and calendars to the phone. That just sucks. If you are still manually managing your contacts and calendars in 2013, God is on your case. Honest. You can find out how to seamlessly manage them in this article: How To Manage Your Contacts Wirelessly. Buy me ice cream later.

In the meantime, I am looking forward to this update for the Asha 501 and also waiting for Microsoft Exchange. Nokia says that this update also adds support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, so my concersn about email/contacts/calendar synchronisation appear to have been addressed. Errr…any hopes for BBM? *dodges charger*

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  1. Well, with the sealed fate of Nokia as we know it now, who would spend his money on an Asha?

    Surely, Microsoft is not into that league? Or, perhaps, they would surprise us by continuing with this class of devices?

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