WhatsApp Voice Calling is now open to all in Android version 2.12.19

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After being rumored for a while, Whatsapp for Android OS has officially been updated for handling voice calls.

You no longer need anyone to call you to activate the feature. Simply head to Play Store, or official Whatsapp website and download/install WhatsApp version 2.12.19. Enjoy!!

Update: The feature is also now active for all BlackBerry 10 users.


  1. It was activated after I restarted my phone yesterday evening, had to call some peeps to activate theirs though.

  2. I’ve not gotten notification for update yet, headed to playstore still no update.

  3. This WhatsApp call call still not very smooth tho
    We need a better network in this country

  4. Since it’s not video call it would be cheap, and mobile operators are in for a fight.

  5. Not very audible! BBM voice, Kingschat and of course viber is clearer! But of course it could be network or teething problems.

  6. on the not very audible… hoping it’s the guys network sha. but e nor suppose mean/affect Na

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