Network Mode: When “3G Only” goes wrong

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I have been using the AG Style for a few days now. It is a beautiful budget smartphone that really has style. It reminds me of an old favourite if mine, the HTC One X. If you know my history with the One X, a phone that ended up in my care purely by accident, you would immediately understand my love for the AG Style. You can see my HTC One X review.

Anyway, I am encountering something very odd on the AG Style. After putting in my SIM card, as I usually do, I dived into the Settings to see whether or not it had 3G Only network mode. I found that it has the option, but here is the odd thing: when I select it, the phone doesn’t register on the mobile network. I get a signal. But if I select 2G/3G auto mode, I get a signal. If I select 2G Only, I get a signal too.

3G only network mode no signal

I have played with those settings again and again. What I suspect is that AG disabled the 3G Only functionality behind the scenes but forgot to remove the option from the graphical user interface. Wait…..or the engineers planned to add 3G Only mode and didn’t get to do it before the GUI person had gone ahead and finished their own part of the deal. The result is the same: the user has ended up with a 3G Only option that is a dummy. The AG Style really does not have 3G Only network mode.

PS: AG Style unboxing photos are on the way. We already did a shoot but I am of the opinion that some of the photos could be better. A smartphone that is this beautiful deserves photos that show it off excellently.


  1. The Nexus 6 poses the same issue when I switch to 3G, digging into the phone information (*#*#4636#*#*), it’s actually WCDMA preferred. This wouldn’t pose a problem in a location with very good 3G coverage.

    If you find out the same on this phone, 3G only was meant to mean 3G preferred.

  2. Never appreciated the importance of being able to peg your network at 3G only mode until I owned the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2,this phone has an annoying tendency to revert to 2G mode even in the face of strong 3G networks which is absolutely annoying..

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