Recently, we were moving some luggage out of my mum’s room and I came across her original MTN since pack which she got in 2003,

When Did You Get Your First SIM Card?

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Recently, we were moving some luggage out of my mum’s room and I came across her original MTN since pack which she got in 2003, some 9 years ago. It came in a CD-like case and the cost of the SIM pack and a Motorola T180 was twenty five thousand Naira. It is laughable now because you can now get an MTN SIM pack for as low as 100 Naira.

I, on the other hand, got my first SIM card in 2004. I remember misplacing the phone + SIM in the house and I had to be given another one (after extensive beating). I still use my VMobile (now Airtel) SIM card which I got in 2004.
I started my mobile journey with Airtel and the then popular Nokia 3310.

Let’s go down memory lane a bit. What is your own story of how you started out with mobile? Do share your experiences in the comment section below. Cheers!


  1. I remember my dad’s first phone. It was a SonyEriccson Flip Phone n its screen was the size of a calculator screen. Can’t remember the model now. I think he got the sim for N35,000. That was way back in 2002 or so.
    I got my first sim in 2005 or 2006 (Can’t remember for sure). Before that, i had been using my mom’s Sagem phone. It was one of the first colored phones n it had Infrared on it (:D). The sim was from GLO and I got it for free cos it was given to my brother when he participated in the sensus that happened during that season.

  2. My first sim was bought in 2006 (still use it-MTN). Was in a Motorola C611 (or something like that). Had no love for the phone, the keypads were so stiff, you would have an aching thumb just from typing out a msg. Was super glad when it fell in a bucket of water and drowned. 3310 came after. Sighs! I’m glad that era of ugly and bulky phones are over

  3. My first phone and sim were given to me by my dad. Sometime in 2002, during my 100 level. An Alcatel 311 and mtn line.

    I remember I was one of the few guys in my hostel who had a gsm phone, when many ‘big boys’ and players/flexers were yet to get one. I guarded that phone very well. 😀

  4. My first SIM card was an MTN SIM card which I bought in 2002 for N8,000. I used with Trium Mars phone which I purchased then at the cost of N10,000.
    The line is still active, but I rarely make call from it

  5. I can’t remember specifically but got mine somewhere around 2002.can’t even remember the price but was using it with a Nokia 3310 then.

    @emmanuel, I hope it’s not the same 32mb sim card you are still using now. You should do a sim swap for the 128mb for better network usage.

  6. My first sim was a glo line in 2004/5 a Motorola C205(my phone felt like d bomb then, still got a 6.0 rating on tho lol…the buttons were thumb-wrecking) Glo were big thieves back den(deducting my credit without explanations) with their poor network…swore i’d never use dem again so i switched to mtel(nitel) before finally settling for mtn.

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