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When do you use your mobile device the most?

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We all use a Mobile device of some sort, be it a phone or a tablet. I use a phone. I have observed that I use it the most when I’m in transit. I am on the road a lot, so this works for me. Things I do mostly on my phone are internet surfing and magazine reading.

Under what situations do you use your phone the most and what do you do use it for?

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  2. I wish I get to use it while in transit as well, but I get to do the driving during these times. surfing and driving don’t mix.
    Weekdays, use it for mails during working hours, play music some times, surf and twit during lunch. When back at home, I do more surfing, gaming and watching movies into late nights. I do a combination of all of these during weekends. Can’t imagine a day without my sgs2.

  3. Primarily Web surfing and social networking.. Recently I started watching movies on mobile maybe due to the screen estate…

  4. I had Onavo on my phone for a while, and it had a little graph showing how I used my phone (I’ve since uninstalled it). According to the graph, I used my phone most in the mornings, and late at night, which makes sense.

    I usually check my mail, see what’s happening in the Twittersphere, and have the odd IM conversation. I’m a bit of a news junkie so that’s the one thing I read a lot of on my phone.

    As a rule I avoid using my phone when travelling in any vehicle (motion sickness)

  5. I use my phone mainly in transit and in the evenings. During the journey to/from school to catch up on news/social networks and at night for IMing. Then the occasional music when i’m out of data coverage/access. Then the weekends for everything one can imagine using a phone for

  6. Mostly use my tablet for checking mails, reading news, and social media at home early in the morning and before going to bed at night. It has replaced my laptop which I now reserve for heavy jobs like editing websites and filling online forms that could not be done on iPad etc.

    Phones are reserved for making calls and SMS. But come handy when I have to check a thing or two in medical apps for management of my patients at work or when I am in transit in a bus or car (not doing the driving : )

    There are times when I am torn between using my iPad or my Galaxy Note for some specific work. In such situations, I toss the coin 😀

  7. I use my phone mostly in traffic, toilet, waiting in line, walking and any other free time.

    I use it for listening to music, podcast(video&audio) surfing, apps for diff stuffs etc.

  8. Despite the name “mobile”, I use my mobiles more when I am stationary – at home or at a location – than when I am out and about.

    Usually, when I’m out and about, I am driving. When I am in bed, in the living room, or in the restroom, those are the situations in which I use my mobiles the most.

  9. Morning to Night chronology of modile device usage.

    – I’m woken by my N8’s alarm every morning.
    – I play music on the N8 or BB while brushing my teeth, doing my toilet duties, and bathing.
    – I check for emails, unanswered calls/sms/IMs.
    – When in transit (I dont like driving and rarely have the opportunity to), I’m surfing on either the BB or N8.
    – When bored and alone, I play games and watch movies on the N8.
    – Recently I’ve been studying using my tablet with its ebook collection.
    – While eating meals, I usually listen to podcasts on the N8, or give it to one of my colleagues to play games or watch films on it.
    – Before sleeping at night, I either read a novel on the tablet, or catch up on my favorite sites [wikipedia, mobility blog, gsmarena, allaboutsymbian, etc]
    – During the day, I occasionally watch DSTVmobile on my N8.
    – Of course, I’m regularly tweeting using the N8 or the BB.

    I’m always with my smartphones, so it’s hard to say the periods when I use them the most.

  10. I use my blackberry and my samsung galaxy tab 10.1 mostly when I’m in transit. At the office, I switch to my laptop when I get home, I return to my mobile devices. I also use my galaxy tab in church to take notes and read scriptures from the bible.

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