Advertisement Because of the growth of social media in the last frew years, many users now live under the illusion of a highly social world.

When Gadgets, Virtual Hugs And e-Kisses Won't Do

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Because of the growth of social media in the last frew years, many users now live under the illusion of a highly social world. People sit in front of their PCs, laptops or tap away on their phones to interact with thousands of followers or “friends” that they have never met, and somehow consider themselves social. The irony.

The other day, I read a tweet from a lady describing a male handle as an “awesome man”. She had never met this fellow. Ever. How do you interact with someone via your 14-inch laptop or 4-inch smartphone and even think that you know them? Meet him first, go on a couple of dates, and if possible marry him. That perceived “awesomeness” might just fizzle away.


Friday Nights

Friday nights on Twitter are the most amusing. You know how Friday night used to be – real people hanging out at real spots, getting real handshakes, hugs, cuddles, eating real food, and chatting over real drinks? Now, some people just sit at home and console themselves that they are hanging out by errr… “hanging out” on Twitter. Sigh.


When Nature Kicks Back

But nature can be vengeful. You can lie to yourself all you want. Sooner or later, the need for real companionship gets to you. Someone tweets, “I could use a real hug right now; not some virtual hugs that mean nothing”. There. Bang.


What exactly is a virtual hug? Nothing. A virtual kiss? I’m still scratching my head on that, but my easily excited mind suggests that it is something you send while imagining what it would be like to actually kiss the contact in question. No? Other definitions welcome.

You must all know by now that I love this Jesse Oguns guy. No; clean up your dirty minds. Not love in that way. But then, whose business is it how I choose to love him anyway? Please take a seat. Anyway, me, Jesse and my buddy, Nicole (MOBILITY’s BBM Group administrator) were exchanging tweets on Sunday (yes; I love Nicole dearly too, and you can let your heads swim as to how that works out too), when she offered hugs, but added, “Damn these e-hugs. Can’t someone get the real thing?”


There you go. The gadgets and virtual things just don’t get the job done. Jesse’s response was classic: “I’m in need of a real kiss myself. All these gadgets I surround myself with are darn so cold. Humans are the best”. End of discussion.


I love my gadgets, but I do not fool myself in thinking that chatting with someone on an HTC One X or Nokia PureView is socialising. These gadgets are tools for connecting. After connecting, then what? Meet, socialise, do business, collaborate, and generally enhance your life. I take almost every opportunity to meet with real people. At the end of the day, real people make the world go round.

Gadgets don’t kiss or hug. Come to think of it, incorporating those abilities into mobiles would be truly revolutionary. A phone that can kiss back and hug you, while producing some warmth to mimic the real thing? Ewwwwww!


But back to reality, don’t let your gadgets and social media turn you into a social misfit or recluse. I know that many people are no longer capable of mixing, having a proper conversation or enjoying good company. Because they spend most of their time with their gadget’s displays, they have lost the art of socialising. Sad. And very ironic.



Jesse, if you want a real kiss, set “P”, and hook up with someone the old-fashioned way. You can reach me in private for some dating and romance tips (though I suspect that you are not as naive as you make out to be). And dear Nicole, stop tweeting about getting a real hug. You know very darn well where to find me!

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  1. lol great piece…spot on. Just yesterday i ran into a tweet from @emmagine79 suggesting his galaxy note is a good consolation for not having a gf and i shook my head. This guy is missing a lot. I never knew how much i was missing too untill recently i was outta dataplan and had to hang out the whole day with a babe. I didn’t miss social network at all. I didn’t even remember it exists!! Nothing beats the real deal with the opposite sex. Nothing!!

  2. by the way Mr Mo i need dating and romance tips oo… Its never enough you know 😉 lol

  3. I dunno. When you’re charging that beloved phone it can get quite warm.. 😀

    I’ve made lots of connections online and met just as many in person. To the lady saying some online male handle was an “awesome person” wait until you meet in real life. And see how easily that admiration can fizzle out.

    We always put on our best behaviour initially, whether online or in person. We can also misinterpret what people write as we can’t hear their tone and inflection.

    Relationships become real when you can take them beyond the screen on your phone/tablet/pc.

  4. Lovely article, truer words have never been spoken.

    Much as I love my gadgets and toys, if the real deal walks by or an opportunity to have fun comes up. I won’t hesitate to dump them without a second thought, lord knows I have spent enough time on them and beside body no be fire wood abi robo-woman.

    And Mr. MM, do be careful what you ask for…………….

  5. @Olusheenor -Don’t get it twisted mate, the Galaxy Note is not a replacement for a girlfriend, it only keeps me company is all i meant. I even have too much female friends sef.

  6. Female friends are different from a girlfriend. There’s nothing wrong with having too many female friends, it is when you have too much ‘girlfriend’..s then your grouse of having too many can count.

  7. hmmmmmmmmm…..oro pe si je, peeps have taken the virtual world to the extreme, there should be time and space for everything IMHO

  8. Quit yer hating Mr Mo! On a cold night that laptop keeping you warm is a God send.. 😛

    But like Tammy and Marvin sang, “Ain’t nothing Like the Real Thing”. Oh yeah people, let’s throw down some Geek Love *old school music playing in the background*

    You people out there hugging your phones and tablets and laptops, hug the person next to. If there’s no one to hug, hug yourself…

  9. Really, my laptop is and always has been my number 1 babe. No girl has been able to divorce us. And one lady actually said I should choose between her and my computer and she regretted that ultimatum. She’s better off now thought cos she just did her introduction. My reason – you can trust your devices to an extent but u can’t trust the next human to any extent.

  10. sad but true.. my girlfriend is jealous of my relationship with my phone,asking will I kill myself if something happens to it. still get to meet new people in real life tru it(chat et al),nearly backfired tho. tis all about the balance,can’t hear there’s gonna be a party & I will not go cos of my phone,hell no! but for a real gal,yeah

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