I am regularly asked by people for device recommendations and related advice. About a month ago, for example, I was asked to recommend a suitable

When is the Best Time to Get a Mobile Device?

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I am regularly asked by people for device recommendations and related advice. About a month ago, for example, I was asked to recommend a suitable Android smartphone for a friend of mine. My impulse was to recommend the unreleased LG Nexus 4, but ended up recommending the Samsung Galaxy S II instead. The incidence got me thinking though. The best and greatest Smartphones are not released yet. The Galaxy S III, which is Samsung’s current flagship, is barely 6 months old and rumors of the Galaxy S IV’s specs are already gracing several blogs. We are regularly being teased with the best and greatest smartphones as coming soon.

The Galaxy IV is rumored to pack a full HD display, 8 cores and what have you. Do you now see what I mean? This was the same scenario when the current Galaxy S III smartphone by Samsung was still being rumoured.

After making so many recommendations and purchasing devices, it is my conclusion that there is no good or bad time to buy a mobile device. Sure, you can time it (like how I’m planning to wait for BlackBerry 10 devices) but even at that, newer and better devices will still be released a few months after your purchase. It is a cycle that never ends.

My solution to buying mobile gadgets is that I carry out good research on what is available now and what will soon be available, and I go for the best available (if my budget allows), or I find good alternatives. When you want to buy mobile gadgets, how do you go about it and do you wait for unreleased devices? How do you handle this constant cycle of new releases?


  1. Yep, there is no real time to buy the best device you want. You can time it though, to take advantage of availability and cheaper prices.

    Right now, I’m waiting for the xmas and new year holidays for any great deals for the phone I want.

  2. The best time to buy a new phone is when your ultimate necessary apps no longer work on your old phone problably due to low ram, insuficient procesing power or some fundamental shift in technology.

    Or you could just buy a new phone when your current one is completely dead.

  3. If you keep waiting for the “best device” (even with funds being no impediment), you will wait till eternity.

    The beautiful PHONES are not yet MADE!

  4. I time myself. After a cycle of 12 to 18 months, as a must, I must update my gadget to the next big thing. Yes, I usually upgrade to the greatest gadget out there, based on my own well researched opinion. Like I’m going to do in the next couple of days!

  5. it all depends on money available and the perosn involve there is nothing like the right time eg i was planing to buy bold two before bold five came out men i was flatter so i decided to buy curve four and wait for the bold five price to come down now curve six and seven is out men am i confuse if u got the money head to the shop and get ur device cause the cycles never end

  6. I’m with afewgoodmen on this one. Budget is a major for most. I pray for God’s blessings for sustaining my consistent gadget upgrades. I usually get to use devices for at least a year and then pull the upgrade button. I am not a fan of so many things people are fond of (alcohol,parties,vacations,women….)that cause financial drains. So when it comes to the one which i indulge in (gadgets), i go all out. For me, i do my research about all the options available and yet to be released. How they will impact on my productivity and fun. Once the decision is made, i do the math and buy from the best market.

    If advising others however, i consider a lot of things for them before taking the plunge. Their needs, level of device/OS proficiency, budget e.t.c.

  7. Once i get bored with my current device, i begin stalking a new one and i try to not leap at every flagship. i move up gradually so there is something to look forward to. Some people like my pop change their devices every December

  8. Festive season to enjoy promos.
    But its also best to follow manufacturers so that you are sure you are buying the latest that will remain latest for some time.

  9. If there’s no compelling reason for me to upgrade, I will not.

    I’m not any manufacturers’ fan boy that I would be buying new models every year.

    I buy devices that can carry out basic tasks for at least a couple of years without having to think of an upgrade not that money is an issue but plain common sense.

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