If ever there was love between an individual and a mobile operating system, it is the one between yours truly and Windows Phone. I looooove

When Love Is Not Enough – The 3G Mode Factor

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If ever there was love between an individual and a mobile operating system, it is the one between yours truly and Windows Phone. I looooove Windows Phone. Absolutely. However, I have always drummed into the ears of people who care to listen that love is not enough. It has never been enough. There are always other factors that can change the picture.

Sadly, that is the picture of me and Windows Phone 7.5. Oh, this is not about the sluggishness of the OS in some apps. This is something different. I use my primary SIM also for internet service, so my device often serves as my WiFi hotspot. In my earlier lives, I hardly ever had a problem with pegging my device to 3G network connectivity whenever I need to get serious work done or to download a huge file. On Symbian and Belle, it was easy pie. On Android, I was always careful to pick a device that had that feature, as not all Android smartphones have it. But at least, with a little research before the acquisition, I could make sure that this need was take care of. On BlackBerry 7, not a problem. On the locked down platform from Apple, iOS, nada; the option doesn’t exist, and I have respected myself and stayed away.

But I never loved iOS the way that I love Windows Phone, so you can imagine the pains that I am going through right now simply because this utility that is very important to me is not available on Windows Phone 7. I keep having to switch my microSIM between the Lumia 610 and the 808 PureView or any of my android phones whenever I need to get real work done online. On Windows Phone 7, the options are either EDGE or EDGE/3G. In the latter option, the OS switches between EDGE and 3G automatically, often leaving me on EDGE when what I really need is 3G. One minute, I am playing happily with the Lumia 610. The next, I have to drop it, pull out the microSIM and plant it in another device. Then when done, and my heart begins to pine for my lover again, I switch the microSIM back into the Lumia. Frustrating.

No; frustrating is not the word. At this rate, I might need to see a shrink. Sigh.

I do not know for certain whether or not this much desired feature of mine has been included in Windows Phone 8, but by tomorrow, all things being equal, I should have a Nokia Lumia 920 in hand and know for sure. Whatever the outcome, this is so vital to me that no amount of love will make me carry a phone that does not have it as my primary device. Have you ever tried doing serious work on an EDGE connection? Yes; love is not enough.

Come tomorrow, I shall know for sure whether I shall be switching to Lumia, or I shall be embracing Android.


  1. If your primary SIM is a glo SIM, there’s a workaround.
    Get another glo SIM and share your glo data bundle with it. That way, you can keep your primary SIM in your Lumia 610 and use the other SIM in your other devices.

  2. Austine,

    Nice suggestion. But I really hate carrying multiple devices around. Plus, those other devices are review units and will be gone soon. Right now, I carry only one around, and it can be frustrating when I am on the go, and all I can get is EDGE. Thinking about it some more…

  3. simply put tis they uselessness of our country that puts 3g up there as a god. a country where the networks have 3g speed barely surpassing the edge range on phones,& d edge speed compares with gprs,smh. & 3g can like to gulp battery :'(

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