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In the last two days, different people across different internet connections have been unable to access MobilityNigeria.com at different times. This is inspite of the fact that the site was online all through.

This sort of scenario happens when there are issues with DNS resolution. They also occur when there are annoyances in your ISP’s (or IT department’s) default name server. In some cases, ISP DNS are slow or not so reliable.

You can attempt to solve it by manually setting the DNS servers your connection will use on your mobile (and also PC). In doing this, you can speed up the time it takes to look up any given website and also bypass ISP issues.

I recommend that you use public IPs from OpenDNS (, or Comodo (, Here are thee instructions for doing this on both mobile and PC.

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On Mobile

Locate your internet connection settings, usually under “Advanced”.

Look for DNS settings. Unselect “auto” and enter the two provided IPs as primary and secondary respectively.

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The following guide is for Windows XP:

For Users on a Dial-up Connection:
Go to My Computer>Dialup Networking.

Right-click your internet connection and select Properties.

pc dns

A window will open – click the Server Types tab. Click TCP/IP Settings.

For All Other Users:
Go to Control Panel > Network Connections and select your local network.

Click Properties, then select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).

Click Properties.

You will see a window titled “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties”.
Select “Use the following DNS server addresses” and enter the desired DNS server(s) in the space(s) provided.

Happy browsing!


  1. Just reconnected using same network and was able to access Mobility Nigeria without need for DNS changes.

  2. @Yomi
    Whao! Quite some technicalities there. Thank God am able to access mobilitynigeria again. Those things you wrote are a little above my head. I’ll rather be at the mercies of the dns errors and annoyance of isp’s whatever than getting confused and messing up my phone and pc’s settings. Thanks anyway. The info would be useful for people like archie, EyeBeeKay, and bosun99uk.

  3. Mine is actually ok, the only thing which i have always had modified for my internet connection is my proxy address.

    OpenDNS is good

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