When Your MiFi’s Battery Goes South

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I own a Huawei E5830S MiFi device – one of those diminutive gadgets with you can create a WiFi hotspot for up to 5 devices to connect to the internet with. It is an MTN-branded unit that I unlocked some time ago and now use with a Glo SIM card in it. Yes; talk about being unfaithful. Anyway, this gadget is an essential to me, and it has done a pretty good job so far.

Here’s the issue: I am beginning to observe significant depreciation in the battery life. Sometimes too, it doesn’t seem to charge when in use and plugged in to the mains. Being plugged in while active seems to keep it alive, but doesn’t seem to charge any more. If I do turn it off and plug it in to the mains, it charges just fine. These symptoms tell me that the battery is in its dying throes. I came into ownership of this MiFi in a brand new state in October 2011, so we are looking at one and a half years of service. Not bad.

Thankfully, the battery is removable. The question is, Where does one get a replacement to purchase? Do you own a MiFi? What do you do when its battery wears out? Are there any retailers selling MiFi batteries so you can get a replacement battery, or do you start budgeting for a replacement?


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