Where are the .MOBI sites?

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.mobi is a domain extension like .com, .ng, etc. It is coined from the word “mobile” and was setup for accessing the Internet via the Mobile Web (on mobile devices). Years ago when .mobi was initially pushed in public, I voiced the concern that it would end up largely redundant because modern internet technology lets websites be built such that a single website is both PC and mobile compliant. As such, not many websites would bother with the .mobi domain extension.

Also consider that when on mobile, a .com website requires me to type only four characters as extension, while a .mobi requires five. Plus, you would have to remember two domain extensions for each website that you want to visit – one for PC and another for mobile.

Another question that I asked back then was this: if two different entities own say Dayann.com and Dayann.org, who gets to pick Dayann.mobi for mobile use? No-one was able to provide me with a satisfactory answer.

Whither .MOBI?

Here we are years later, and I do not remember having seen any website using the .mobi extension in ages. I have asked a number of people if they have seen a .mobi website in recent times, only two people have, and only one .mobi site per person.

Have you run into a .mobi website? What sort of site is it? Please share.

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