As a child growing up in the city of Lagos, physical photo albums were the rave. They were fascinating. As a teenager, I remember going

Where Are Your Photo Albums?

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As a child growing up in the city of Lagos, physical photo albums were the rave. They were fascinating. As a teenager, I remember going through my parents’ old albums from back when they were single. Yes; those albums full of black-and-white pictures with dad in his bell bottom 70s-style trousers and mom in her mini skirts and high-heeled shoes that were heavy enough to use as a sledgehammer (what are those shoes called again?).

Dad was a shutterbug and almost always had a functional camera in the house. From him, I learnt how to load 35mm films into cameras, shoot, and then take the used film roll to the photo studio for development.

As black-and-white pictures gave way to full colour shots, photo albums became even more exciting to have. There were pictures of everything – child naming ceremony, birthday celebrations, and the occasional trip to the beach. All these pictures were often neatly and proudly put into one or more albums and made available for guests to flip through. However, the last few years of social media have drastically changed the picture, literally. Like everything else hardware, the hardcover photo album is fading away. With lots of people taking the huge majority of their pictures with digital cameras and mobile cameras, and most of the images never getting printed out, the physical photo album is dying.

Digital albums

For lots of people, their albums are online – Facebook, Instagram, Picassa, and the like. These days, you do not need to visit a friend’s home to have access to their photo albums. Just visit their Facebook or Pinterest pages. Personally, I now have years of digital photos stored on my external hard drive. That is where my album is. Most of it. I still have a couple of physical albums from the pre-social era. But besides those, I do not remember the last time that I purchased a photo album.

If you have a digital album – online or offline, how do you entertain friends and visitors when they come visiting? How about hooking up your hard drive to the DVD player via USB, so you can have them flip through on your TV screen? I am thinking of that, but it means that I have to sift through my collection of pictures to determine which will make the cut for a good presentation to family and friends. If you have your albums on one of the online photo platforms, you should be able to do something similar and have your guests enjoy them on your TV’s big screen.

Your thoughts please? Where are your photo albums and how do you share them?


  1. My father, rest his soul, was a brilliant amateur photographer. Unfortunately as the years went by and I left home, a lot if those photographs disappeared. I still remember my fascination, even as an adult, of their wedding photo album (used to have that toybox wind-up but we killed it as children)

    Like my father I take lots of photos, nothing as fantastic as his. I’ve transitioned from my first camera, an ITT 110mm through compact and SLR 35mm, and to my digital cameras.

    I don’t count Instagram etc as somewhere to save my pics, though a friend advised uploading to Dropbox to share. I still have them backed up on disc and external hard drive, which I have been doing for years. I used to even have a Kodak profile where I shared pics with friends but no more.

    One of the advantages is that you can share with people no matter where in the world they are – working on the premise they are tech savvy and register with the appropriate sites. I found a few years ago that this wasn’t enough, I still had to print photos and compile them in an album for my parents and sister-in-law when neither could attend our wedding. I also have a penpal with no internet access that I print and send photos to.

    Still love my physical albums but, like books, I have no space to keep them!

  2. oh dear, you just picked my brain on the TV Screen flips….until i conclude on that arrangement, i have a few online but most of my albums are on my devices + my external hard drive, well labelled and arranged in different folders. some of my friends flip through them on my Lappy screens 🙂

  3. My photos are virtually everywhere.
    Skydrive for XBOX, backup
    Phone and Hardrive and even icloud for Apple TV

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