At an elaborate event last year, Globacom supposedly “launched” a 4G/LTE network in Nigeria. From the article published on Mobility blog in January 2011: Advertisement Globacom on…

Where is the 4G/LTE network Glo “launched” in 2011?

At an elaborate event last year, Globacom supposedly “launched” a 4G/LTE network in Nigeria. From the article published on Mobility blog in January 2011:


Globacom on Tuesday, January 11, blazed another trail in the country as it launched the First 4G-LTE network of Nigeria.

Here is the link to the article: Glo announces the first 4G/LTE network in Nigeria.

This is a year and half later and there is no sign of this 4G/LTE network. I keep wondering, How exactly do you “launch” a non-existent product/service? Not only do we have ghost workers, but now also “ghost networks.”


Still, I may be wrong. Anyone out there who is running on Glo’s LTE network should please give us a shout-out.

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  1. For me, I have always considered Globacom as a rabble-rousing company that relishes noise making. If you’re concerned about their non-existent 4G/LTE, how about their Glo-1 undersea marine cable. Or are there companies running on it already that we don’t know about or it’s another case of a ghost network as opined by Mr. Mobility.

    Glo, over to you as we are asking questions and many more to come.

  2. anyone that claims 4g in nigeria is just pulling your legs.even the 4g swift has been touting is like advanced 3g. Even if 4g somehow comes to nigeria, i wouldn’t be looking forward to it. The so called 3g that has been there since like ’03 is still very unstable. We still havent realised the full potential of 3g.Operators will just make things worse by trying to jump to 4g again

  3. I have wondered why we bothered with the nomenclatire.

    EDGE is sometimes faster than 3g (and its variants).

    If you cllaim to be on 3.7g, but EDGE speeds surpass it, then what is the point.?

    Like somebody said, I think all these are just marketing strategies!

    What is important is the Actual Speed and stability / consistency – while using the network..

  4. There’s no 4G in Nigeria , Glo only claimed to provide 4G services to avoid what happened when they were about launching their 3.5G service. From an inside source, heard Mtn got wind of Glo’s plan to launch genuinely launch their 3.5G service so Mtn hurriedly organized a press conference and claimed they were providing 3.5G services when they weren’t. Glo just claims to provide 4G just for bragging rights. Swift, Spectranet, Glo and all other networks in Nigeria don’t over 4G , none of them have been able to cap the 4G speed. In short I get a higher speed rate when tethering my N8 on Glo connection than my so called 4G Spectranet WiMax abracadabra.

  5. Eye_bee_kay :

    I have wondered why we bothered with the nomenclatire.
    EDGE is sometimes faster than 3g (and its variants)

    Haba, oga Eyebeekay.. Please retract.

  6. Mr Mo you just read my mind. I was about asking you this question on twitter yesterday.
    Glo and their phantom 4G. They have not perfected 3.5G, 4G my foot.

    @telneting I concur with eye.bee.kay on that.
    Some times airtel’s EDGE is faster than MTN’s 3G especially when that bored and lonely guy in the server room pushes that throttle button.

  7. Some times airtel’s EDGE is faster than MTN’s 3G
    for real ? how on earth does that happen ? I have both glo and mtn and when I set it to “Edge only” its piss slow compared to 3g / 3.5g . Anyway, nothing is impossible in Nigeria.. cheers

  8. Braking News! is sueing Globacom for misleading the Nigerian public concerning their 4G launch. Joined in the civil suite are the regulars at mobility blog.

  9. This unexisting 4G LTE is called the ‘Nigerian factor’. It simply means that nothing in this country will ever work, even if it works- its never gonna work as its supposed to work. Just checkout our 3.75G, 3.5G, 3G, EDGE, GPRS, GSM they are all apology. They just won’t suprise me anymore!

  10. Telneting, I also have to agree with Eye.Bee.Kay and Keweno. The EDGE on my MTN was faster than the supposed 3G+ I supposedly got on Airtel. And this was even before the rainy season started!

    So long as businesses can falsely advertise freely in Nigeria without being penalised, Glo and others can afford to brag about a service that isn’t delivered. Who’s going to challenge them?

  11. The edge on my etisalat is faster than the H+ on MTN. Those mtn people are so deceitful!

  12. Why are we acting as if it’s something new,i like glo network,but they are not the only operators that are guilty of misleading subscribers.It’s just like what several other network operators started with the new number series,within a short period of time a new one was launched.From my knowledge,Glo’s undersea cable is subscribed to by some corporate organisations and multinationals,besides they are having difficulty getting it to other parts of the country b’cos of ”infrastructure”.

  13. Ermmm…Is H+ the same as 4G? If it is, that’s what i’m using on my smart phone right now (Glo network).

  14. Glo is only trying to portray itself as the best network in nigeria which is very far from the truth.

  15. I spoke with the Guru last night and he assured me the Glo-1 4G exists only within the Mike Adenuga towers on Adeola Odeku street in Victoria island. LOL!

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