Here is a message I got recently: “Morning sir. Any ideas when the pro versions of Infinix s3 or Tecno X might be available in

Where are the Pro versions of Infinix S3 and TECNO X?

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Here is a message I got recently: “Morning sir. Any ideas when the pro versions of Infinix s3 or Tecno X might be available in Nigeria market?” And it was followed shortly with, “Oga o. But why do they keep doing this to the Nigerian market? We take whatever we’re given?”

Every other day, someone asks me pretty much the same thing. It is the refrain of frustrated lovers of TECNO Mobile and Infinix Mobility brands.

tecno camon x pro version

This frustration has been building for years now. Two new models are announced, a regular and a Pro version, and the latter is nowhere to be found for purchase by interested consumers. And then, the Pro version is usually released silently into the market, totally oblivious to those who are interested in it.

One wonders what the rational behind this practice is. It appears to me that both TECNO and Infinix will sell more devices if they put all their cards on the table and make their Pro devices available at the time of launch. Give users more options to pick from right away.

What Are Pro Versions About?

Pro versions of smartphones usually have a larger internal memory and more RAM (as with Infinix Hot S3 Pro) and sometimes have a bigger battery (as wiht Infinix Note 4 Pro). Sometimes, where the regular version is a 3G phone, the Pro version also adds 4G LTE connectivity.

In some cases, they have better cameras for photography and video. Think of the TECNO Camon X Pro.

In other words, the Pro versions are often more powerful and capable.

I know a number of people who when unable to get their hands on the Pro versions of these devices, go ahead to purchase competing devices that match the specs they are looking for from other brands. Which is a shame.

Hopefully, TECNO and Infinix will review this practice and satisfy the cravings of their fans.


  1. I remember I had to settle for the Imfinix Note 3 when the Pro version was nowhere to be found only for the yeye people to release it shortly after. Ever since then, I made a resolve not to go down that route again.

  2. Patience is a virtue if you angle for Pro devices.

    Don’t rush at first release.

    Just hold on a bit n it will be ok

  3. My thought on this, is that both Tecno and Infinix want their customers to purchase the first version and later go for the Pro version when it’s released. That is to say, they want to sell the same brand of smartphone twice.

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