I thought it would be a good idea to present the status of the various mobile application stores at a glance for your convenience: Apple

Where the mobile application stores stand (Updated)

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I thought it would be a good idea to present the status of the various mobile application stores at a glance for your convenience:

  1. Apple App Store: 425,000 applications
  2. Android Market: 250,000+ applications
  3. Nokia Store: 50,000 applications
  4. Blackberry App World: 38,000+ applications
  5. Windows Marketplace: 27,500 applications
  6. Bada apps in Samsung Store: 13,000+ applications
  7. WebOS Store: 6,000+ applications

I have tried to get the most up-to-date figures. If anyone has more recent figures, do get in touch so I can adjust these. In the meantime, hope someone finds this info useful.


  1. the stats for android is a bit understated. The actual figures should be close to 400,000

  2. Perhaps the Opera Mobile Store and the Getjar App store could also feature here….

    There seems to be the tendency to use the number of apps in an apps store to judge the level of adoption of that platform.

    How about the apps in the ‘wild’ for that platform.?

    I would hazard a guess that the figure could be comparatively quite significant..

  3. @Eye.Bee.Kay:
    How about the apps in the ‘wild’ for that platform?

    Yeah. I guess you’ve a valid point there. For instance, there are so many apps for the Symbian platform before this apps store business became the vogue. Besides, numerous java apps in the wild can be used to augment the native apps for both Symbian and Blackberry and the old Windows Mobile OS.

    Though number of apps in the app store for any platform could give an insight of its adoption, I would want to believe that any platform with up to 20,000 good quality apps in its store is quite strong.

  4. The number of apps in an appstore tends to show the popularity of the appstore among Developers and also how well the appstore and OS platform is doing. However, if any appstore has at least 50,000 apps and a minimum of 30,000 quality apps then that platform will likely be competitive and popular.

    However Yomi, you failed to include the Web OS and Bada OS app stores so we could get a holistic picture of the full franchise.

    Good One!

  5. It saddens my heart though that of the huge figures recorded against android market, their honeycomb OS has less than 1000 compatible apps. That is why the android tablets with honeycomb running on them are not selling as expected. Not that the froyo/gingerbread apps in the market wont run on honeycomb, they will, but not scaled up to the tab screen size. According to google, the release of the honeycomb 3.2 update is to help address this. Allowing honeycomb users have their apps run on full screen.

  6. Really interesting that Bada OS AppStore is doing better than that of Web OS in absolute number of Apps!

  7. Apps are very important, they are the blood that runs in the phone. Without apps, the phone is just an empty shell.

    Even device manufacturers have been overwhelmed by the quality of apps that we have these days.

    It so much amuses me how apps on smartphones have perfectly replaced lots of other devices.

  8. nokia had and still has many apps in the wild before the app stores, are those counted? Good games like crash bandicoot came on nokia before ios

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