There are usually many factors involved in deciding the best of anything, not to talk of smartphone operating systems. Some will tout app availability as

Which is the best designed Smartphone OS out of the box?

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There are usually many factors involved in deciding the best of anything, not to talk of smartphone operating systems. Some will tout app availability as most paramount, some would say ease of use, while another set would swear by customizability as the bedrock of what makes an OS.

These good people have decided to take into cognizance all humanly conceivable factors and weighed them against one another vis-a-vis the top four prominent smartphone operating systems. The OSes that were pitted against one another were:

  • Android 4.4.4 (tested on a Nexus 5)
  • BlackBerry (tested on a BlackBerry Z30)
  • iOS 7.1.2 (tested on an iPhone 5s)
  • Windows Phone 8.1 (tested on a Nokia Lumia 1520)

Note that what they were after is the best designed OS of them all out of the box. It is a comprehensive analysis, one which you may or may not agree with, but it is worth checking out.

Read it here, and tell us what you think.


  1. That Article Is Quite Comprehensive.

    Of Course,When You State Something As Being The Best, Your Point Of View Is Predicated On What Is Important To You.

    I Think Those Authors Have It Totally Wrong, And The Horde Of People Who Are Not Giving Bb10 A Look.. Agree With Me.

    Before Someone Would Come At Me With The Platitudinous Claim Of Blackberry Not Marketing Properly, Let Us Realize That A Good Product Markets Itself, And A Bad Product Benefits Nothing From Sterling Marketing Tactics.

    No Matter How Well_Designed A Product Is.. Or Seems To Be (Now), It Can Never Match Another With Inherent Extensibility. Modularity And Customizability.

    No, I Think Android Is The Clear Winner, And The Majority.Of Humans Agree.

    There Are Things I Would Do On My Android That Can Simply Not Be Done On The Other Platforms.

    For Me, That’s What Is Most Important. Versatility.

    “Out Of The Box” Is A Meaningless Phrase For Me.

    They Say Men Marry Women For Who They Are And Women Marry Men For Who They Promise To Be (Potential).

    I Would Rather Go For A Platform With Infinite Extensibility And Customizability, With Abundant Apps.. That Can Do Anything You Can Think Of, Than Another Lacking That, But Trying To Do More… Imperfectly, “Out Of The Box”

  2. I appreciate what the authors have done in the article but I have my own parameters to what matters to me most and I think the rest of the world do too. How can they come up with some academic parameters and ignoring what the people want? They are making the same mistake that killed Nokia and now dealing with Microsoft and almost at the verge of snuffing out Blackberry as well.

    They are dwelling in the laboratory and caring very little in finding out how human beings want their devices to work, what they want in their devices and ecosystems and so on and I tell you, their kingdom will keep dwindling irrespective of who they pay to perform these sort of impractical academic analysis and until they go back to really relating with the users of the devices and finding out what actually matters to the people, even those paid to carry out this research (or is this some veiled marketing?) will finish the job, pocket their money and still go ahead to buy from the platforms that listen to their users rather than dwelling in the laboratory alone.

  3. The real world is littered with good products that did not succeed for one reason or the other. So it is a myth that good products market itself. The betamax /video cassette player is an example. Sure what customers want is important, but customers don’t always chose the best products on the market for one reason or the other (cost, being used to other products, etc). I don’t understand the need to be tweaking phones. I set it up once and forget about it. The comparison was about the best OS, not the most popular in the market which we know is Android

  4. EyeBeeKay the notion that good products sell itself is bull. If it’s the truth na BB10 go dey sell pass. There are several other factors that brought Android to the top, even at that I don’t think it’s the best.

    @Sir Harry, if you read the article to the bottom you would have seen a wizard that allows you to define your own parameters and have which is the best for you

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