Which Locally Developed Apps Do You Use on Your Mobile?

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There seems to have been a surge of awareness for our local hardware manufacturers in recent times. The guys at Pliris Mobile, Encipher, and Vantium are three striking examples of local brands that have generated interest and excitement.

I am thinking that the next natural direction should be our local apps. We have scores of developers working at one app or the other. I got wondering how many people are aware of those local apps and how many actually use them?

Personally, I am aware of Afrinolly, ProWork (still in beta), Twhii, EssentialApp, GoldSMS, Nigeria Constitution App, SeeNeMa, Ticketmobile, GTBAnk MobileMoney (which should still have a ‘Beta’ tag on it), and PlirisTexty (bundled with Pliris Mobile smartphones). I have used a number of these occasionally.

Which local apps are you aware of and have used, and how often do you use them? What are your suggestions to local mobile app developers?


  1. you forgot spinlet. That’s about the only one I use on both android and blackberry. I’ve installed the cinema app, as well as the constitution app previously but never used then n eventually uninstalled them. MTN wants to force me to install afrinolly but I see no use for it. I also installed an app that was supposed to tell me locations of atms around the country (can’t recall the name) but it didn’t work very well. There are also the numerous nigerian news apps, all of which never fail to dissapoint.

  2. Mocality is a good one, I remember reviewing it, there were times it was not accurate. but it’s fair enough. Cheki for cars.

  3. Naturally, I use Spinlet. It’s the music player on my Android and my Blackberry.

    I’ve given Proworkapp a spin and it works. I’m just stuck with Google App/Drive that inuseto collaborate with teams I work with.

    I suggest you can curate a list of Nigerian app, more like a directory and have the link available permanently on the home page. Users can download, use and rate it. This can sort of help the locally developed apps. (just a mild suggestion)

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