Web browsing is among the top five activities that I carry out on my mobile. Because of this, my choice of web browsers is very

Which mobile browser/s do you use?

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Web browsing is among the top five activities that I carry out on my mobile. Because of this, my choice of web browsers is very important whether I am browsing for casual or serious purposes.

I currently use a phone which runs Android 2.3.6 (Gingerbread). I have several browsers installed on it. They include Opera Mini, Opera mobile, Dolphin browser and UC Mobile.

The browser that I currently use as default is Dolphin mobile browser. This is because of all the add-ons that are available for it. Examples include: Save to PDF and Google Translate.

The killer feature for me is that unlike with Opera Mini where the saved pages are not accessible to any other application, I am able to just save a page as PDF on Dolphin browser.

I use Opera Mini as my second browser because of the data compression feature, especially where available internet service is not so fast. I also use UC Mobile occasionally when I want to download something on my browser because its download manager is still among one of the best on mobile phones.

Irrespective of the mobile operating system that your phone is running, which mobile browser do you like best, and why? If possible, post your comment to this article from your preferred mobile browser of choice, so that we can take a poll of some sort.


  1. Opera mini for data compression and excellent rendering of pages,
    UC web for its excellent download manager.

  2. On my blackberry, it’s opera mini for regular and heavy browsing then UC Browser for downloading large files. For queuing downloads I use Podtrapper of BlackBerry Podcast with a tweak

  3. Opera Mini the best mobile browser i.e to me….also opera mobile is second to none on large screen phone such as Samsung i8910 that is my number one, follow by uc browser which is often used when downloading or save image to my album. Meanwhile none of all the inbuilt browser ever appeal to me.

  4. Operamini all the way. UC browser has not been optimized for belle fp1 I think cause it keeps crashing at will. I use ucbrowser for downloads

  5. I use opera mini for everyday web browsing, opera mobile for facebook and other websites that require desktop like browsers, and then i also use uc web for downloading of any type of file except torrents. Too bad dolphin is not available for symbian s60v3, too bad, i would av loved its save to pdf feature.

  6. @Noni
    Obviously…… none!

    Probably this trend would change on tablets running Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8 based devices

  7. And talking of tablets, I use Safari on my iPad. I reserve the Atomic Browser on iOS for more serious work and desktop like rendering of web pages. Atomic Browser also gives better and real Multi-tab functionality as well as ability to save web pages. You can customize it to mimic and present itself as any mobile or desktop browser. Dolphin on iOS is in its infancy as of now. I hardly use opera mini on ios.

  8. Dolphin browser and opera mobile. I do not care so much about data compression.

  9. One thing I found out though is that none of these browsers correctly identifies my device. I am using Samsung galaxy tab 8.9 but it has never been correctly identified on this forum (not even as an Android device). I have deliberately used different browsers (including) the stock browser, to see which of them will clinch it. Unfortunately none.

  10. On my N8, I use only Opera Mini Next. I rarely use the Nokis Browser.

    On my Bold4, I use only the Blackberry browser for all my browsing and downloads. I have Opera Mini Next and UC browser installed, but rarely used them.

    On my Touchpad [running android ICS], I prefer Opera Mini Next and Chrome (beta) because they reopen the previous tabs when you launch them. I just installed Dolphin Browser HD.

  11. I’m confused? I use a 9700bold, can anyone advise me on the best browser or browser for me to use. I consider my phone my mobile office,Thanks alot

  12. @Seyi- Like SpacyZuma said he uses the default browser on his phone and he is satisfied with it. Other browsers that you can try are Opera mini and UC mobile browser.

  13. For those trying to reduce data consumption, default browsers are a no go area.

  14. (
    For those trying to reduce data consumption, default browsers are a no go area.

    @Efe, newer versions of the Nokia Browsers now do compression too…

  15. @eyebeekay, yeah. The thing is, what if I want to view high resolution pics. What if I dont want data compression, will I be forced to look for a third party browser?

  16. Other than for data compression, I think the best stock browser is that of android 4.0 ICS. Its fast and got it all. Even features you never knew existed like the inverted screen rendering. Its do cool for reading online contents and saving greatly on battery. I have used all other stock browsers and this is just my pick.

    However, the best browser for me is chrome beta. Can’t even believe its a beta. The advantage over the stock browser is its faster and easily sync my bookmarks and chrome browser history from my desktop. Unfortunately it can only be installed on ICS. It also lacks flash.

  17. UC is my browser of choice. I think it’s great for downloads & it fairs well in data compression. I also like it cuz of the night mode feature, & saved pages are kept in a folder where they’re easily accessible with a new UC browser installed.

  18. I use a symbian S60v5(Nokia 5230) phone, I spend about 70% of my internet activities on mobile.

    My primary browser is OperaMini, I also use UC Browser as most people said for doing my heavy downloads on mobile.

    For full desktop functionalities, I prefer Digia@Web to Opera Mobile. It supports flash too.

  19. For my android 2.2froyo, I browse with opera mini when am on data plan and dolphin browser when connected to a wireless network

  20. @Tosh – Oh, with the way that you said it i thought that it was a special browser variant. In that case i also love them, they are very clean and simple.

  21. I’ve got opera mini and opera mobile on my nokia E5, but im always on uc. Nokia inbuilt browser is a no fo

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