While we were distracted with WhatsApp and BBM, Samsung's ChatON clocked 100 million users

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ChatOn is available on Samsung feature phones, and all the major smartphone operating systems: Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone. ChatON allows users to sign-in on up to five different devices using one Samsung account ID – which I think is grand. WhatsApp and BBM need to explore this angle. Because of the nature of my job, I cycle through phones at an incredible rate. I hate that every time I switch phones, WhatsApp is disabled on one phone when I set it up on another. I really hate that. It seems that is what cross-platform BBM does too. Bad move. Multi-device support is the way to go.

BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) boasts of 60 million users, and WhatsApp boasts of 250 million. But while we were all distracted arguing over which of the two would succumb to whom, Samsung’s cross-platform chat app, ChatOn, launched in October 2011, leaped from 50 million in May 2013 to 100 million users today (September 2013). That is an increase of 50 million users in four months. Perhaps we should stop being distracted. Maybe it is ChatOn we all should all have our eyes on.

Samsung Electronics’ ChatON Reaches 100 Million Users

  1. Perhaps we should stop being distracted. Maybe it is ChatOn we all should all have our eyes on.

    I maintain that the value of an IM app is tightly related to its number of users.

    All other factors are mere embellishments.

    Whatsapp is sitting pretty as a result.

    The reason for the ChatOn meteoric rise could be because it is pre-installed on the fastest selling devices.. Samsung Mobile’s.

    Just a guess..

  2. most guys just register without even going back there.. Am pretty sure they aren’t referring to active users..

  3. I have never used chaton on my device. it just sits there idle.
    I feel Samsung r lying

  4. I feel the fact that since most of the galaxy range of devices come with ChatOn pre-installed, that will contribute greatly to that figure. I used to use it before but stopped because it was not as fluid as whatsapp but i tried it sometime last week and noticed a few changes which is good

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