Whistleblowers And The Rest Of Us aka Do Not Play Hero

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According to news reports, Nicholas Edwards, a staff of the ministry who allegedly leaked the information about the insanely ostentatious spending on two BMW cars for the Nigerian Minister for Aviation to journalists, is now on the run. Reports say the might of government has been turned against him.

I will not rant about the minister, the cars, the stupid money spent on the cars, or the insulting defences that government officials and their stooges have presented about the whole affair. I will point out only one thing that I learnt the hard way. I haven’t lived elsewhere and so do not know about what obtains in other places, but here is what I know about Nigeria: Do not play hero. If you do, people will hail you and rouse the rabble. However, When the chips are down, you will find out that very few people care about “the truth” or about you enough to help you out. Perhaps a few do care. Often, they lack the resources to get you out of the consequences of your hero games. You will run and find no help. Effectively, you will find out that you are on your own (OYO).

I learnt this lesson the hard way. To put it differently: Don’t play Superman if you do not have an Arctic fortress to go cool off your behind. This tweet by Editi Effiong sums it up nicely:

There has been a lot of noise, ranting and anger on display everywhere in the last few days over StellaGate. Like Editi, I’d like to see that translated into real support and assistance for this man who dared to speak out. Knowing the cowardly, selfish stuff that most Nigerians are made of, I am not holding my breath. I weep for him. And his family. Above all, I weep for the country. We truly deserve the cow dung that we get.

Yes; I am being cynical. I have absolutely no apologies about that. If you are mad at me for what I have said here, prove me wrong and go to the aid of this man.


  1. Dear brother Mo, when I read this post, I had to check the Author. It felt like I wrote it.

    I share those sentiments. Entirely.

    This is not a land where you play Heroes. Unless, of course, you are on a NollyWood set # Hard facf

    The other Ministry guy that was sanctioned for speaking out against NOI.. which Human Rights Activist or Constitutional lawyer rose to his defence? This guy was not even of the Ministry of Finance.!


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