Who has used this new MTN caller service?

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MTN Nigeria is marketing a new service hard to its subscribers via SMS. If you are an MTN subscriber, by now you might have received an SMS or seen the message when you check your balance. Have a look below.

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Getting calls from unknown numbers? Enjoy new Caller ID service displaying the name of incoming calls. Text START to 7672. N50/month, Android users only.

Have you seen this?

Personally, as a rule, I don’t take unknown calls. That is how those mad hostage situations in movies happen. LOL.

If a caller has my number, he better be willing to be identified by me via his number. If not, I press “Ignore”.

If you have subscribed to this service, do share your experience with it in the comments section below. Everyone is welcome to comment.


  1. I haven’t and I will never. My reason… Apart from mtn wide outreach, almost everything about them is a scam

  2. Knowing MTN I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the time the service won’t be working even after deducting your credit..

  3. Actually got the message today and I already opined… I won’t be the lab rat for emptyhen exploit

  4. what I would like to know is how they intend to unmask hidden numbers and why only Android devices can access this service

  5. This ‘service’ is likely a scam.

    When u disable caller ID your device does not send the number to the network switch. The only place where your number can be traced is the mast that you connected to for the call. And to do that they will need to review the imei and imsi footprint from that call and then link it with previous or subsequent times when that device connected to the network and sent it’s number.

    Besides, isn’t this invasion of privacy? If I deliberately want to hide my number, which isn’t illegal otherwise phones would lack the function, why are u unmasking it to random people without my consent for a fee?

    The same useless mtn that had unregistered numbers active on its network being used by kidnappers and terrorists. Smh

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