Who here isn’t tired of rumours of a Microsoft Surface phone?

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Rumours of a Microsoft Surface phone have been floating since forever. The thing is, no-one has forever. Personally, I am tired of all these rumours of Microsoft preparing an all-conquering Surface phone.

Microsoft announced Windows 10 Mobile, touting all the spanking new features. It would have universal Windows apps. It would serve as a smartphone and PC. Those are exciting prospects. But guess what? It took forever to arrive.

In the world of smartphones, 6 months is an age. A year is eternity. The world moves on pretty fast. And the world moved on while Microsoft prepared Windows 10 Mobile. At this rate, the Surface phone might as well be called the T-Rex phone by the time it arrives. This is taking too long again. 

If Microsoft wants to make a Surface phone, they need to freaking make it yesterday. Don’t be a slouch at it. Or else by the time it arrives, it will be obsolete again. But that may be hoping for too much. If there is something that Microsoft has become synonymous with, it is being late. Everything arrives late.

Enough with the rumours of a Microsoft Surface phone!

tired - rumours of a Microsoft Surface phone

I really am tired of all the rumours floating about about, teasing us with supposed details of a Microsoft Surface phone. Can Microsoft put the damn phone out there already?! Who rumours don epp?

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