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The word fanboy gets thrown around quite a bit. Someone did a couple of tweets that I believe clarify what constitutes being a fanboy. Of course, as usual, I am generously sharing the details with you. So, who is a fanboy? Let’s see what Ashley Esqueda has to say:

Being satisfied with your OS or brand of choice does not make anyone a fanboy. But vehemently proclaiming your choice as flawless and so perfect for everyone, and refusing to accept that other choices work for others makes you a fanboy. Like Ashley also went on to say in her tweets, you can have your own opinions, but you can’t have your own facts. And the fact is, there are software errors in every OS.

Every mobile OS is flawed in some way. Choosing a smartphone OS or a mobile brand is mostly about choosing which flaws you can most easily live with. Fanboys are unable to process that and go lengths to mock everyone who doesn’t agree with them.


  1. Well then, Mr Mo should tell Ashley Esqueda @AshleyEsqueda that a bad ass fanboy was the very first to make a comment on this.
    AM A FANBOY!!!

  2. The majority of fanboys are also renowned for going with opinion from articles and anecdotes about an OS and device, having never used any of the devices or OSes they rail against for any great period of time.

    I do like the line in Ashley’s profile: “powered by Fanboy tears”

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