Who is Fujitsu and why are they separating their mobile and PC divisions?

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Fujitsu is a well known Japanese brand that is into the production of PCs, laptops and smartphones. They are also the company behind the first phone packing an iris recognition scanner. Yesterday, the board of Fujitsu announced that effective February 1, 2016, the company will split into two units: 1) Fujitsu Client Computing Limited for notebook PCs and desktop PCs, and 2) Fujitsu Connected Technologies Limited for mobile phones.

Fujitsu mobile phones

Why is this split happening? Apparently, the ongoing commoditization of ubiquitous products, mainly of PCs and smart phones, has made it increasingly difficult to achieve differentiation, and competition with emerging global vendors is hitting them hard. In other words, the smartphone bloodbath and the shrinking PC market has brought them to this decision.


  1. Practically all the old guard Japanese technological companies are dead, comatose or asphyxiating

    Let’s hope Fujitsu case would be different…

  2. Fujitsu’s place, especially in the business arena, has been taken mainly by HP. Lenovo seem to be doing very well both with computers and mobile phones. Having said that, I can’t say I’ve seen a Fujitsu mobile phone or…now that I think of it, I haven’t seen a Fujitsu laptop or computer in ages!

  3. Can’t see them breaking into mainstream smartphone market with high device price and all,more of a niche product for the Japanese market..

  4. Aggressive media campaign can upturn the table in their favor.
    There will be ‘people’ who out of sentimental attachment will still quest for a taste of the old

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