Good day folks. I woke up this morning with a question on my mind. Many people use Blackberry phones in Nigeria with a majority also subscribing

Who Offers The Best Blackberry Service In Nigeria?

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Good day folks.

I woke up this morning with a question on my mind. Many people use Blackberry phones in Nigeria with a majority also subscribing to the Blackberry Internet service to go along with it.

My question is simple, How is the blackberry network coverage and reliability in your area and which networks have stood the test of time as per the aforementioned points?

Thanks and have a great day!

  1. This is my second BB, to show that I’m not new to all the networks provider. I’ve widely used all networks on my BB including my village, Abuja, Kebbi, Sokoto, Osun, Ogun, Ondo, Ekiti, Edo, kwara, Niger, Lagos and Ibadan presently. Only two networks works correctly……MTN and MTN.

  2. Only two networks works correctly……MTN and MTN.
    And i disagree. What makes MTN so good? Please defend your comment.

  3. for the benefit of those who have never used a blackberry device before, its adviceable all responses come with justifications. although the first post insn’t encouraging (having an allergy/phobia for anything mtn)

  4. though have being using etisalat for the past 5months now…..because of their stability but when it comes to coverage i give it to mtn they covered every nooks and cranny of my area and where i work with their 3g/hspa unlike etisalat ….but any other thing etibanger rocks….

  5. Network coverage and reliability are often diametrically opposed.

    While MTN has the the most divergent coverage (easily verifiable), the reliability is usually a more subjective thing. You can have good coverage in a particular area of town and have subpar coverage in another section of the SAME town.

    For example, people keep saying Etisalat is good for data in Lagos.. But, in my area, i have NEVER enjoyed their service. Till now. And this, despite the signal level being good.

    I think it is safe to just say that RELIABILITY is FICKLE..

  6. Wow but what I can not stand is stolen credit, which is what happens to be very good at. Yes oh glo steals credit so badly you would want to cry and etisalat services is horrible *on bb* most times it doesn’t work. So I guess I’ll try mtn

  7. I believe this article should mandate that all contributors should state their state,lga,network and quality.

  8. MTN still gives me the best BIS so far in my monthly circular movement spanning four states & Abuja. I have tried Airtel & I was completely disgusted. Glo too was a bit alright. I have not tried ETISALAT because their easy blaze data service is not blazing at all over here except in Abuja that’s why am reluctant trying it out. MTN have not given me any goose pinmple so far that’s why to me they offer the best BIS in Nigeria.

  9. MTN, simple, I’ve a second BB I put an Airtel SIM in and service needs a prayer first, Im getting another MTN SIM for it once the BIS expires. My friends on glo and etisalat have all switched to MTN,
    So, MTN. 😀

  10. Well, I say a lot depends on your location. Initially, I used globacom for 2 months in Port Harcourt. It had epileptic service in my side of town, but worked very well whenever I went to Choba area.

    I then switched to Etisalat. My first month with them in Port Harcourt [using the N3000 package) was bliss. When they announced their BBComplete package of 1500, their QoS dropped. Since then I’ve repeatedly experienced BIS blackouts almost everyday. But I stick with them because they offer me unlimited downloading and 3.75G speeds. Checking ‘Traffic Monitor’ on my new BB, I see that I have downloaded 2.2GB of data since Feb 10th 2012 in Abuja.

    So I will stick with etisalat and their 3.75G BIS, as long as they offer unlimited downloading. 😀

  11. I stay @ calabar & I must confess MTN is ok & stable…Rite now I’m using airtel, since they have d cheapest offer so far its not epileptic as I thought & they offer 1Gb data & I’ve noticed they also have 3.5g.. Airtel rocks 4 me o

  12. Honestly, it is mtn. It is quite unfortunate too because after almost 6 months of bye-bye to mtn, I had to go back when Glo service was nothing but failure.

  13. For me it’s Etisalat. Was formerly using Glo and believe me, they drove me up the wall with their epileptic connectivity. Had to switch on/off the network every time.
    With Etisalat it has been bliss all the way.

  14. Please someone should clarify for me, does MTN unlimited BIS package have any hidden limit? Suddenly I can’t use my browsers again.

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