Who Said WebOS Isn’t Dead?

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How else is anyone supposed to interpret the news that HP is moving to Android for smartphones and tablets?

The short chronicles: HP buys WebOS. HP releases a couple of WebOS-powered smartphones and a tablet. HP gives up on mobile. HP decides to license the OS out and makes WebOS open-source. HP spun off the WebOS division into an independent company named Gram. HP picks up mobile but opt to use Android on their smartphones and tablets.

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If HP won’t use their own OS on their own devices, why would anyone in their right senses use it? Perhaps like MeeGo, small enthusiast startup might consider biting? This move by HP certainly is a clear message that they have given up on WebOS. Of course, I think it is not a good move jumping on a crowded platform in a time of crisis. What exactly is HP going to bring to Android that the likes of Samsung, Sony and HTC are not already doing? What in HP’s history with mobile devices suggest that they can release products that will stand out in the Android pool? Still, we shall have to wait and see about this new romance.

In the meantime, when was the last WebOS smartphone released? May 2011. The last WebOS tablet? July 2011. Those dates are light years in mobile.

We might as well sing a dirge for WebOS.


  1. Mr. Mo, my use of “old”there was not about chronological age o!

    I use “old” there the way you call call someone an “old flame”, even though that person is barely nubile.

    Those OSes mentioned there by me surely used to be our “old” darlings, but they have passed, or are passing – away!

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