How Effective Are Solar Power Banks?

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Elroy examines the use of solar power banks for charging up mobile devices, questioning their effectiveness.

The power situation in the country has bent many hands and forced many to lug about with power banks to keep their devices running. The power banks themselves come in various shapes, sizes and mAh ratings. Giving you different options during purchase.

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The Chinese, who make most of these power banks, sometimes innovate, or add extra features to it’s original form. I’ve seen power banks with torchlight (which is really cool), power banks with routers and memory card readers. There are also power banks with speakers and even power banks with fans. Oh yes!! Search online you’ll see them. The focus for now is on power banks with solar panels.

How Effective Are Solar Power Banks?

You see, ideally the solar panel is made to charge the internal battery, probably when the power bank is down, exposing it to sunlight for some hours will add some charge, but I wonder how effective this feature is? Does it actually work?

With solar panels, the larger the area, the higher the current that is produced. Having the relatively small sizes of power banks, the panels aren’t big enough to produce currents that will charge it properly, so they all have the extra option of being charged through electricity.

Now over to you. Do you own a solar power bank? What is the experience like? Share your thoughts.


  1. I’d rather own a phone with a bigass battery…I’m tired of lugging powerbanks in tow

  2. Doesn’t make much sense to me,I mean apart from the low solar panels charge,the heat from the sun is bound to lead to deterioration of the battery capabilities within a short while..not very practicable if you ask me..

  3. A friend uses a solar_fortified powerbank. He says it is effective and was of great assistance to him during the last crippling electricity power_and_fuel scarcities.

  4. I bought one solar power bank from Konga. At the end of the day I found out what I bought was electricity power bank. Was mad. I wonder how one knows a solar power bank works. Cos mine moves as if its charging but doesn’t charge my device at all.

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