About two weeks ago, I asked, Where are the .MOBI sites?. While the .com, .net and .org website addresses are the most common domain name

Who wants a .guru or .freelancer website address?

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About two weeks ago, I asked, Where are the .MOBI sites?. While the .com, .net and .org website addresses are the most common domain name extensions in use on the internet, there are quite a number of others that have been introduced in recent years. For example, .xxx was intended for porn websites. How many porn websites do you know that have taken that up? Yes; me too.

Now, if you run a blog, you can have www.catfish.blog. You can also have .love, .restaurant, .shop, .club, .lawyer, .site, .web, .shopping, .sports and a long list of others. Yes; there is .guru and .freelancer too. So, I could have www.yomi.freelancer. Sigh.

Why am I not generally excited about a lot of these domain extensions? For example, .info has been around for several years, yet very few websites use it. I am sceptical about many of these new extensions working. Some of them are just too long and unwieldy. Example: .restaurant? .freelancer? I really just don’t know.

Still, I can imagine that there will be businesses, individuals and organisations that will find god use for some of them. Tell us: would you like any of the fancy new domain extensions?

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  1. I’m not so sure but i think the following domains may succeed because I believe business owners in those segments would want to adopt them, they are:
    .shopping and

    I just think these domains would help people identify them more easily and there’s no potential stigma attached to them unlike something like .xxx that could help people easily filter those sites. Again, unlike .mobi which wouldn’t say much about the actually business of the owners site, apart maybe identifying such sites as being optimised for mobile viewing, these newer domains has business identity integrated in them and should actually be helpful.

    I’m can’t say how the .love, .freelancer and .guru domains will be viewed by both business owners and web users alike, but they could also do well.

    .site and .web appears vague to me without immediately conveying much, but then, the target audience may be generally versed enough to appreciate their hidden meanings.

    I think the other previous domains enumerated in the article that have failed to garner momentum simply failed for lack of identity or fear of stigmatisation which these new ones wouldn’t suffer from much.

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