There is no easy way to say this, so I won’t be pulling any punches. The Airtel Facebook event introducing Free Basics in Nigeria recorded


  1. You dey vex oh, I believe they were looking for cheap advertising just like a typical Indian company, lol…

  2. ?? ? ? You’re really upset sir. E ma binu. That’s actually a low one from them. They wanted to use 2 stones to kill a bird.

  3. LOL!!! I laughed quite a lot reading the lot of “mad drunk” in the article. Airtel is a coy with Mad drunk workers and techniques of doing things so I’m not surprised…

  4. Honestly, if it were me, those pamphlets would have kissed the dust bin right there at the event venue.

  5. Some people are not grateful. You got free nylon, free notepad and free USB and you’re making noise about 50 pamphlets?

  6. Come oh, the fliers or is it pamphlets are not big enough to wrap akara ni? Your neighbourhood akara vendor would have appreciated them. You know – beautifully designed and coloured paper to wrap the delicious akara. Her customers would be delighted! That would have been a better use than the bin.

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