Why Alexa is irrelevant to this age – and unreliable

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Alexa’s website ranking tool was the rave some years ago. Everyone who started a site that had any measure of success wanted to be able to brag about their site traffic, and an Alexa badge made it easy to do that.

For all its limiitations, Alexa got popular. I mention limitations because users and visitors to your site who did not have the Alexa plugin installed and running on their desktop web browsers were not counted. That’s how Alexa works – through plugins installed on desktop web browsers. That meant that if a significant number of your visitors used an unpopular web browser for which the plugin was not available, your Alexa statistics would not include them.

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However, what broke the camel’s back for me and made me ditch using Alexa finally over a year ago was the fact that Alexa was so comfortable with desktop that they ignored and continue to ignore mobile. In an age in which mobile has taken a huge chunk of web browsing (in some places, over 60% of access is via mobile), any website traffic monitoring tool that ignores mobile is a fail. For that reason, I consider Alexa a fail, and totally irrelevant to this age – the age of mobile. Alexa is a dinosaur.

There are many other much more reliable means of measuring website traffic. The list includes: AdStat, StatCounter, and Google Analytics, and Going Up, among others. When I see Alexa stats on display these days, I simply ignore them. They are totally irrelevant and unreliable in measuring the true reach of any website. You are much better off and have a more accurate picture of how your website is doing going with one of the available alternatives.

Of course, most of the others do not have a badge to stick on your site. If you still want the badge and do not care how reliable the information is, then Alexa is your baby. It is a free world, after all.


  1. Wow, I used Alexa a lot well over a decade ago. A few years ago I had a look at it again and even then it wasn’t all that for desktop, so I abandoned it. And yes, if you check their stats they are basically irrelevant. I really don’t think that many people use it anymore and it doesn’t seem to have moved on much from when it first came out.

  2. I was also very conscious of my Alexa rank when I first started my blogging, I tried and tried to be among the first hundred but, I couldn’t meet up. So i gave up.

    Apparently, about 68% of my blog’s traffic comes from mobile. There is no need for me to make a fuss about ranking on Alexa anymore since it doesn’t mobile users.

  3. I personally think that Alexa is highly irrelevant and unreliable. It is funny, the more traffic that I get to my website, the worse my Alexa ranking becomes.

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