Why BlackBerry did not mention Android app support in OS 10.2.1

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Android on BB10

Yesterday, Blackberry OS 10.2.1 was released and began hitting user devices across the globe. However, there was no mention of Android app support – the ability to install Android apps – in BlackBerry’s official announcement. A number of users have expressed disappointment about this.

Well, the good news is that the feature is in there. Just download your Android .apk file, copy to your BlackBerry 10 device and launch it to install. You will get a warning message about the app being installed from another source other than BlackBerry World and so not tested, and risky, bla bla… But it should install.

So, back to the question: why did BlackBerry not mention Android app support in the official OS 10.2.1 announcement? Errr…I have no idea! Just go enjoy your new-found liberty!


  1. They didn’t want the world to loose faith in them that they were dependent on a rival OS for apps.

  2. Jealous!

    Perhaps Google would look into supporting BLACKBERRY Apps on Android, too (Yeah, right!)

    Meanwhile, BlackBerry should look into making their OS run Windowsphone and iOS apps too, for completeness..

    That way, we know its case of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) is complete.

    Congrats, BB10 owners. Will not be joining in the Tea Party!

  3. As always, the use of the Android operating system is free as we understand, but using the associated Google Services as well as Android, ie the term Android in other smartphones without permission from Google may amount to infringement of Google’s copyright. Yeah, you can enable the support and maybe pay bloggers to tell the world about it but using it directly to push your product in launch events and documentation may not be allowed so that’s the most possible reason they are not mentioning it but those that are concerned will eventually get to know about the support and benefit from it all the same.

  4. erm.. sorry, is stuff like dis meant to b legal? just there making your os usable by porting another’s apps, google!! where art thou lawyers????

  5. Its legal?? Tizen (or is it Sailfish) supports native Android Apps and they capitalised on it during initial marketing.

    Back to BB, great news but like Eyebeekay, I will not be joining the party. Their devices offer nothing enticing and there is no app unique to BB that could sway me……If BB 10 had the same internet plan offered to legacy Blackberry then there may have been a chance.

    *Cranks Britney Spears’ Perfume song and returns to designing #DullNight

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