Why Cyanogen OS needs to partner with an African OEM

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Cyanogen - Alcatel HERO 2plus

Cyanogen is an Android-based operating system that seeks to offer greater openness than what Google currently offers. Initially, it was offered as a custom ROM, but has grown in scope. The Oppo N1 CyanogenMod Edition was the first phone to come preloaded with Cyanogen OS. The One Plus One is another smartphone running the OS.

Cyanogen has also announced that the OS will power the Alcatel HERO 2+, a new 6-inch phablet that will also be available unlocked in the U.S. and Canada. Good move!

Android has a strong base in Africa, and tons of tech-minded people on the continent are itching for a taste of Cyanogen OS. With a fast-growing smartphone population, the African market is a good place for innovators to strike out. There is a fervent club of modders and hackers growing around African mobile brands. Imagine Cyanogen OS officially on a TECNO or Infinix or any of the others springing up here and there.

Of course, Cyanogen on a number of new Indian and Chinese brands is highly recommended. This will be a good way to push new boundaries and gain new grounds in the highly competitive smartphone space. Cyanogen needs to hit Africa – and do it now!


  1. would be a good idea especially since these OEMs aren’t too big on OTA updates, Cyanogen Inc would handle the software side and leave them free to concentrate on the hardware which they’re improving at. as long as G Apps come pre-installed it’s a win win for all parties involved

  2. Agree .100%, Techie. God knows how I searchee for a Cyanogen ROM for my TECNO so I could taste KitKat without having to buy a new phone.

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