Why Do Cheques In The e-Payment Age?

I ran a webhost for about six years, and after the first year, all our payments were received electronically. We setup domain names and hosting, as well as developed websites. All payments for our services were via electronic/mobile transfers or bank deposit. We never had to go pick a cheque. That’s the whole essence of e-commerce; isn’t it?

Then I got into blogging, and for some reason, I let get sucked into the game of chasing cheques. We would be asked to come pick a cheque, meaning that a team member would get into the horrible Lagos traffic – sometimes for hours – to go pick up a cheque. I got thinking about it recently. Why do cheques in 2013? For example, if anyone (ANYONE) in Nigeria wanted to setup ads on Google or Facebook, it does not matter what their company payment policy is, they could not ask Google or Facebook to come pick a cheque for their services. They would have to go the e-payment route or forget about it. So, the issue is not that it cannot be done. It is that no-one around here is pushing for it to be done. We are all too deliriously happy to be told to come pick a cheque at all.

A Vote For Efficiency

When I went into business years ago, I embraced mobile and web technologies as a way of increasing efficiency, reaching more and providing faster customer support. And it worked with amazing results. I still believe in that sort of thing. In an age where every bank provides online transfer facilities, an age where online and mobile payment systems exist, chasing cheques does not make sense for the most part. This is what I believe and live by.

As such, is bucking the trend. We have decided from here on that all payments will be electronic or in the alternative a bank deposit (cash or cheque) by the client should they choose to go down the less efficient rule. We have been here long enough for our credibility to be unquestionable. All our foreign clients pay remotely without having met us. From now on, we stop running around to collect cheques. It just doesn’t make sense any more.

The interesting thing is, after embracing the system too, these companies find out how much more efficient it is, and embrace the benefits wholeheartedly. So, by adopting the practice, we help push for change that benefits everyone.

Do you provide a virtual service? How do you receive your payments? Perhaps you can cut down on stress and time wastage, thereby improving efficiency, by adopting electronic/remote forms of payment too?


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