Why do flagship phones come with small battery capacities?

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There is a trend that has held sway in recent years. Have you ever wondered why flagship phones come with small battery capacities? You see a smartphone from manufacturer X – full flagship with awesome camera, maybe adding a dual camera setup. Same phone could have the best Snapdragon chip, plus an awesome polished metallic design. You then hear the battery capacity, and shake your head sideways.

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Looking at the cheaper mid-range or low-end devices, some models come with 4000+ mAh capacities. The let down being a lesser resolution display, or a passive processor. Eventually, these phones offer better screen-on-time than the so-called flagship phones.

This test from PhoneArena, shows mid-range smartphones trumping the more expensive ones for battery life. Another test here proves a mid-range Lenovo phone as the all time best in terms of battery life.

Why the small battery?

We can easily point this to design. Some OEMs can claim that the space for the bigger batteries is sacrificed for the slim profile, and many other features the flagship phone possess. In spite of this, we have still seen phones with hefty batteries remaining slim.

Did I hear someone just whisper, “You can’t have it all”? In some ways, this could be true, as there’s no such thing as a perfect phone. Manufacturers deliberately put those short coming for their products to actually sell. They can assume, cramping everything into one flagship will spoil market for their cheaper devices. The large batteries of mid-range phone is mostly their best selling point.

With the small battery of many flagship phones, we still hear it comes with Quick Charge. I think this is useless for this scenario. The fast charge/discharge cycles will only degenerate the battery faster. That being said, we still drool over flagship phones. Maybe the world doesn’t care about battery life, and we’re unfortunately among the few that do.

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