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Why does my phone get hot during use?

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Incoming question:

All mobile devices generate some heat during regular use. This is a normal phenomenon. If you are on a long telephone call or using mobile internet, or carrying out a range of other tasks, it is normal for your device to warm up. The heavier the task, the hotter the phone gets. If for example also, you are in an area of poor network signal, the phone does a lot more work keeping you connected, and so it will tend to get hotter. Another cause of heat is charging. Your phone warms up quite a bit when connected to the mains. If you have it plugged in and also carrying out a heavy task like phone call or internet usage, chances are that the temperature will rise even more.

I have mentioned three key factors in the above paragraph:

1. heavy usage
2. poor network signal
3. battery charging

A combination of any two or all three of the above will produce excessive heat, and in some cases cause real damage. For the most part, there is little you can do about a poor network signal, but if you have heavy stuff to do on your phone, it is a good idea to make sure it isn’t charging at the same time. Trust me, you do not want your phone pulling this on you:
Flame on

Lastly, it is a bad idea to leave your gadgets in a locked car or in direct sunlight. Keep it away from heat sources too. If you do all the above but your phone still gets hot, the battery or something else in the phone may be faulty. You might need to have the battery replaced or have the phone examined at a service centre.


  1. A few tricks.
    If your phone gets hot during use, place it on the stark ground, on metal or ceramic tiles. This will help conduct the heat away quickly. Personally, I use a power bank made of an aluminum body to keep my phone cool.
    If your phone gets hot during charging, you may remove any additional case around it and use a low wattage charger. I usually charge my devices overnight including my ipad mini with a 0.5A blackberry charger.
    If you are not doing data intensive work, you can switch to 2g only instead of 3G.
    If you are not presently using your radios eg Bluetooth, wifi, NFC, switching me off will decrease the discharge of your battery and reduce the heating of your battery.

  2. #SwitchToEDGE when doing basic pings and co.
    #3G for downloads and heavy surfing should reduce the heat a bit too.
    Strongly agree with @metamba’s comment.

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