Why DropBox needs to upgrade their BlackBerry app

DropBox is my de facto Cloud storage service. I use it on PC, on tablet and on all mobile platforms. It does an excellent job for me. I use devices from a wide variety of platforms and manufacturers, so I cannot afford to be tied down to proprietory Cloud services. Take that iCloud Google Drive, and SkyDrive! 🙂

My Blackberry is my mobile office. It gets the job done for me better than any other device I have

But the DropBox app for Blackberry is just too limited in functionality. It allows one to upload only photos. Just photos. No videos. No Office documents. No PDF files. I don’t get it. You develop a cloud storage file for a platform that was built around enterprise/business needs, and then users can only upload pictures with it?

The interesting thing is that of you already have any other file types on your DropBox folders, the BlackBerry app recognises them and let’s you download them. But for uploads, the only option I can find is that to upload a photo. I can’t upload a Word document I just modified? Strange.

DropBox, please fix your BlackBerry app. As far as I’m concerned, it is an unfinished job.


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