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As an employer of labour, I have been faced with situations in which skilled personnel were required for certain tasks and positions. Some years ago, it was support staff for a webhost. In all the time that we announced vacancies for support staff did we get one applicant who was proficient enough in the usage of Cpanel, much less Web Host Manager and others. We had to train the successful applicants, again and again.

Now running a blog, it is still difficult to find hands to manage the web back-end, or to write without the need for complete overhauls of drafts, or to proofread.

It is not that there are no skilled hands out there. It is that often those who are able to learn on their own also usually start and run their own outfits. And usually, they are the sole or main technologists in their outfits. Besides those, many others who make claim to having the required skills do not measure up. This is a general problem that makes growth and scaling difficult, even among bigger companies. I have been contacted by companies to review their websites and all, and I keep being shocked at the low levels of knowledge and skills that many of their in-house webmasters possess.

Point is, I could continue to complain, or I could decide to do something about it. I chose the latter.

DsNet Centre is starting out as a small project, with lots of growth in its future. It will provide free training in web and mobile technologies, social networking, as well as writing (including blogging and copywriting). Because many young people cannot afford such training, DsNet Centre will be providing it free of charge. More specifically, it will run an apprenticeship model, with students working in exchange for training. In effect, we are taking unemployable and unemployed young people off the streets, providing them with training and experience in one package and at no cost to them, such that when they leave, they are well equipped to provide the vital human resources necessary in some quarters to drive the scaling that we need to see in web, social and startup environments.

DsNet Centre is a 100% non-profit endeavour. Can we count on you to help make it happen? Find out how you can support DsNet Centre.

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