Regular readers of my posts will be able to discern that I am an Android fan to the core and as a result I own and actively

Why I am getting the Nexus 7

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Regular readers of my posts will be able to discern that I am an Android fan to the core and as a result I own and actively use an Android phone at the moment as my daily driver.

When I wanted to get the current device that I use, the Galaxy Note, I had two choices. First was that I wanted a tablet but the offerings from Samsung did not thrill me. As such, I stayed away from their line of tablets. Secondly, Android as at that time was still and is still not on par with what iOS totting iPad users have been spoiled with in lieu of apps and games. Besides the Transformer Prime that I coveted, there wasn’t any Android tablet that appealed to me.

So I did the sensible thing and went for a Galaxy Note which at its 5.3 inch size literally blurs the line between tablet and phone form factors.

Recently Mister Mo published a post titled How did the Amazon Kindle Fire take over half of the Android tablet market. From available statistics, it was clear that the Kindle Fire was more successful that the entire Galaxy Tab line and it all boiled down to one thing – price.

The main reason why I will be getting the Nexus 7 tablet first of all is the price. Then there is the fact that it is also no slouch when it comes to consuming media with an HD display. There’s also a quad core processor and 1Gb of RAM along with the latest iteration of Android, Jellybean.

This is finally the Android tablet that I’ve been waiting for (kinda), with the pure unskinned Android straight from Google, so updates will arrive in a buttery fashion with no hiccups.

That, guys, is why I’m getting the Nexus 7 when it arrives in Nigeria in a few weeks time. Who else is taking the plunge?

Check out the full Nexus 7 specs.


  1. Funny enough I’m excited this coming week for two reasons, one of which should be the delivery of my Nexus 7. The winner for me was not just the specs, but that the updates will come straight from Google, not the manufacturer or mobile phone network.

    Up until it was announced, I considered the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7″ with 8GB, which was selling for a similar price to the Nexus 7 16GB. However a friend suggested waiting until Google made its tablet announcement and it was good advice. So now I can get the pure Android experience, don’t have to worry about space for apps and can transfer most from my ageing Android phone to a new home. Plus I’m really looking forward to watching the Transformer film 🙂

  2. However a friend suggested waiting until Google made its tablet announcement

    You have a very nice friend!. But seriously this is the tablet that i’ve been waiting for!

  3. Ahem… @Noni, would you please share the price of Nexus 7 (Naija Price o)
    seems everyone’s in love with this tablet. I also factorised that most people craving for Nexus 7 like the fact that it is an untouched OS. Cool!

  4. Noni, how are you going to get it? Buy online and get it shipped here. I’m really interested.

  5. @Abimbola Sojimi – I have ways and means 😉

    I’m all over the place for the next few weeks, I’m hoping I get my hands on it soon but can’t guarantee that! Unfortunately I have no idea how much one would cost in Naira, however I believe Mr Mo will be getting his hands on one soon. It would be good for him to let us know the price.

  6. Who won’t want such a powerful tablet at just $200? Its a great device with buttery smooth jelly can’t go wrong choosing it.

  7. I will definitely get this Tablet when its available in Nigeria and have a pure Google experience on this great device with awesome specs.

  8. PlayBook combine Android and Window mobile function also you will not have any hole digged into your pocket due to access to BB Bridge that give you free data. This is my own personal opinion before Android Roman soldiers crucify me

  9. The Nexus 7 is very very appealing but after much reflection, I’d rather settle for the upcoming BB Playbook with 3G/4G connectivity. I’m still very queasy about using my phone’s mobile hotspot as it drains too much battery.

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