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A Tale Of Three Nokias – N8, N9, Lumia 800

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Nokia N8, N9, Lumia 800
The Nokia N8, N9, Lumia 800

In the Beginning, the Nokia N8

Well, not exactly the beginning. But its a beginning of sorts.

Anyway, it suffices to say that I loved love my Nokia N8. You see, it runs Symbian, a very mature mobile OS with every feature possible worked into it. The latest iteration, Symbian Belle, is a winner in every way, and the N8belle (as I call it) is a champ one year after market launch. It remains undefeated in the camera arena and provides more features in one device than most devices released after it on every other platform.

But, Nokia’s new CEO has pronounced Symbian dead. I swear on the mobile gods that there will be no other Nokia flagship running Symbian after the N8. Who doesn’t want to move with the times? Supposedly, I should move on; right?

Moving on to Nokia N9

I absolutely love my Nokia N9 too. It runs MeeGo and has been so widely acclaimed in terms of its combination of sleek hardware and a superb OS that its no use repeating its strengths here.

Its camera performance does not match the N8’s, but it comes quite close. Which is good enough, really.

However – as with Symbian – Nokia’s CEO has proclaimed MeeGo and the N9 a dead end of sorts.

So, again, though I hold in my hands one of the most amazing mobile devices ever manufactured, I really should move on. Again. Right? Keep with the flow. Don’t become a dinosaur.

Moving on to the Lumia 800?

The Lumia 800 is the identical twin of the N9. Hardware is the same. Camera is same as on the N9, but this time with a shutter key (great for self-portraits). It is the internals that differ with this baby running Windows Phone 7.5.

Nokia says that Windows Phone is the way forward. As such, I should be looking that way; right?

Sure, WP is very modern, sleek and elegant – and is mostly excellent at the things it does. It has some nifty features to be sure. But it lacks some of the functionality that I have been used to, that I need, and that I wish I would not have to go without.

USB mass storage. Bluetooth file transfer. Proper multi-tasking.

Are these do-or-die features? Maybe. Maybe not. Perhaps I can live with Windows Phone 7.5 as it is. After-all, I live with iOS on my iPad inspite of Apple’s mind-numbing lock-downs.


Oh, yes; crossroads. The Nokia N8belle is so, so good that even though I love the N9, I still carry the N8 along with me often. Yes; madness, but the N8 is like a first wife in a polygamous home. Nobody else ever fully replaces her.

That superb 12 megapixel camera. That sweet Belle user interface. All the functionality that I want. Then add the FM radio and FM transmitter to the list too. Oh, my NateBelle!

I fear that if I lay my hands on a Lumia 800, I might end up carrying all three around: Nokia N8. Nokia N9. Nokia Lumia 800. Plus my BlackBerry. And sometimes, plus my iPad. Get the picture?

Damn you, Nokia!
Yes; damn you for not turning Symbian around fast enough to prevent this crazy logjam.

Then damn you one more time for not unleashing MeeGo fast enough to prevent this switch to Windows Phone. Damn you some more for producing such an amazing MeeGo smartphone after you had killed off both Symbian and MeeGo.

Damn you for unleashing such a beautiful Windows Phone 7.5 smartphone as the Lumia 800 on us, but denying us some of the functionality that we have come to love (okay, some of that damnation goes to Microsoft actually).

Damn you for turning an old customer of yours like myself into a lunatic who carries multiple, similar devices around.

Damn you for putting me into this dilemma. However this plays out, I will not end up in an institution because of you.

Yes; what is it? What are you all staring at?! Haven’t you ever seen a black American tearing his hair out?


  1. 1. You are one lucky son-of-a-gun.
    2. Didn’t know you were a black american. And i have seen a mad black nigerian man pull his hair out before. lol
    3. I share all your feelings about NateBelle.
    4. If for any reason, you decide to drop that Meego mistress, I still call the first shot for purchase.
    5. Too many gadgets when you’re on the move can confuse you. I now carry only 3, NateBelle and Bold9700, but have been known to carry 4 devices.
    6. Kudos to Nokia Nigeria [or West Africa] for rewarding you like this.

  2. take it easy oh!. But what i hate is the fact that nokia cancelled the nokia 600. I will never forgive that 🙁

  3. 1. You are one lucky son-of-a-gun.

    Sure thing, pardna! I believe I am. 🙂

    6. Kudos to Nokia Nigeria [or West Africa] for rewarding you like this.

    Indeed! Kudos to Nokia.

    And kudos to RIM too! They sent me the BlackBerry 9300 Curve 3G as well.

    The brands who want to push their devices in Nigeria know the power of putting their devices in the hands of Mr. Mobility 😀

  4. yomi i share your sentiments too. Nokia has successfully caused some confusion with their recent problems. for instance will u go for nokia 701, symbian belle with all the funtionalities or nokia lumia 710 with WP7. they are about the same price.

    but i have since reached a conclusion. some choices in life are not that hard. you are having problems choosing cause you are a geek. an average guy out their might not even not WP7 limitations and when he gets to the store, he buys his phone based on looks alone.

    by the way, android is a platform that provides u all the functionality u need and with ice cream sandwich updates coming up, if i were in your shoes, i will get SG2 over nonsense Nokia WP7 anyday!

  5. I have always blamed nokia for its own misfortunes.Because a commander in chief donot weiver, for any of his decissions are well thought out.

    But over the years nokia has been indecissive and inconsistence on its decissions and its is gradually relinquishing its position to samsung &others. As it is ones patronage to mobile device is relative as you either provide your customers with their needs or they will surely get them from your competitors who are watching with keen interest.

    Nokia should be wise enough to know that you can only take the horse to the river but you cant force it to drink water. God knows the whole world instantly fall in love with Meego including the blind critics of nokia…….. As one of them would say “looking into the screen of nokia n9 is like looking into the eyes of God”

  6. my OS preference, in order is :

    Symbian (until it goes into extinction)

    Android (it should have stopped guzzling data and killing batteries- by the time i am ready to switch)

    WindowsPhone (

    i Phone (God forbid!)

    While i live gadgets, i am not crazy about them. I just pick what serves me. Dinosaur, or not.
    For now, I shall stick to my is the most functional FOR ME..

  7. Its a good/bad thing that the N8 remains the best Camera Phone in the World, and I say to anybody; If you want the best Camera phone, the N8 remains a smart buy.

    The N9 is a beauty esp the Black. Its sad it has to be this way.

    I love the Lumia 800 but it just cant be my primary device for now.

    Oh, I forgot, its not possible to carry 1 device nowadays unless u want to compromise.

  8. you are having problems choosing cause you are a geek. an average guy out their might not even not WP7 limitations and when he gets to the store, he buys his phone based on looks alone.

    Well said. The sad life of a geek.

    But to be more accurate, it’s more because I run a blog of this sort. It is my responsibility to move with the times. Sad. No?

  9. I don’t know what you talking about, I only have a glo sim hence carry just a hi-tech phone ; thank you very much ; around. Why do people have lots of mobile phones? Don’t get me wrong I’ve an office line but it stays there -office + another at home but it stays home. I think it’s old school to carry mobile phones like there’re files. Well, different strokes for different folks

  10. That’s the dilemma of the present world – where technology is bombarding us left, right and centre. As for me, my Nokia 701 belle is sufficient

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