Advertisement About two weeks ago, I went and got myself a Blackberry device; a Curve 9320 to be precise. I, a self proclaimed Android fanboy getting Blackberry;…

Why I bought a BlackBerry

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About two weeks ago, I went and got myself a Blackberry device; a Curve 9320 to be precise. I, a self proclaimed Android fanboy getting Blackberry; oh the agony!

For starters, I never for once thought that I would ever get a Blackberry device. Ever! The main reason for me getting it was that I wanted to familiarize myself with how Blackberry devices work considering the fact that I know very little about the platform.


Due to budgetary limits, I got a 9320 (pictured) which runs Blackberry OS 7.1. It has distinct features such as a radio, a  dedicated BBM button and another dedicated camera button though you can change the functionality of both to some other options.

While my main reason for getting it was to get myself up to date concerning the Blackberry OS in general, another reason was because of the unlimited data cap that subscribing to the Etisalat Blackberry Internet Service offers. Oh, there is also the allure of the Mobilty Blackberry Group (where I was made to feel like a superstar when I joined).


All this while I have hated anything Blackberry, so I decreed to myself that I want to know how the green on the Berry side was.

After using my Blackberry for 2 complete weeks, I have come up with some pros and cons. I have also taken into consideration that my device is low end, so if you use a higher Blackberry model you might also give your experience in the comment section below.


  • Always on connection
  • Blackberry Messenger
  • Unlimited data downloads(Etisalat BIS only)
  • Fairly good selection of basic apps.
  • Excellent web browser even at 2.44 inches


  • Shows the loading clock at almost any major interaction with the phone. E.g Downloading an app shows the loading clock/hangs the phone at least four short times.
  • Phone restarts at almost 80% of app installations/removals.
  • Phone hangs randomly in between actions like multitasking or switching apps.
  • Phone hangs intermittently while an app is being downloaded from the Blackberry app world.
  • Applications on the Blackberry app world are very expensive with the average price being $1.75 – $2.
  • No trial time for paid apps. I bought a theme as a test to see if i could use my GTB details only to discover that there was no trial/way to return the app unlike Android.

Yes; I still have the Blackberry phone with me, and it is also looking likely that I would use a Blackberry 10 device when that arrives. Why, you ask? Well, here are the possible reasons why I may use Blackberry 10 when it is eventually launched next year:

  1. It will be able to run Android apps
  2. It will have BBM of course
  3. It has a total gesture based system with a new UI
  4. Hopefully other networks/Etisalat will still continue to offer unlimited data on it :-).

Do I still hate Blackberry after my two weeks with one? Of course, yes. There are too many limitations on the current generation of Blackberry devices. Hopefully RIM will finally blow me away with Blackberry 10 and I can finally call Blackberry a phone that I own.

So yes, Android is my love, My first lady, and my precious gem. But if I were to carry another smartphone, it will surely be a Blackberry.

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  1. Bis on mtn nigeria is also unlimited…tho they claim its just 200mb,that’s 2 scare ppl away from downloading huge files I guess.

  2. yes… It might run andriod apps if and only if ACL will be available for BB10… I love those swipy gesture it took from #Nokia n9

  3. mtn bis is unlimited for the #3000 BIS plan & 200 mb for the #1500 plan though some have downloaded stuff well beyound that 200mb i have not tried that package yet.

  4. I can say this with all authority, both MTN and Etisalat offer unlimited data as at the time i’m posting this comment, i’ve tested and tried to find the limits of the Blackberry plans of these networks, didn’t see any, but MTN usually includes something like ”200mb fair usage in its BIS activation SMS”

  5. I only know of airtel’s. that is what I use on my Note. They give 1gig for their =N=1,200 bid plan. will try out the etisalat BB plan and report back here today.

  6. I Have a problem with my bb. The moment I change it to 3g it tells me sim card rejected. I change it to edge and it works perfectly I tot maybe it was my phone so I used my brothers sim (airtel) and it worked well. Then I put my etisalat sim in my brothers bb and changed to 3g and it showed the error. So I want to ask any other etisalt subscriber having the same trouble.

    Please do help

  7. First thing to try is doing security wipe for your Blackberry, just back up the absolutely necessary data, delete every thing, including the apps and try using 3G again. If it still gives you such issues, consult your physician.

    …can i add you on BBM, Emmanuel?

  8. @belushi:
    I’m already using the Airtel BB Social plan, the one you stated here but I’m looking for one that’s unlimited. Initially, it won’t let me use any other app on the phone except Opera Mini but everything is working now.

    I’m sincere about that question. That unlimited tag is the reason for asking.

    @good: I don’t know if you are on the same plan with your brother, but I think Etisalat is throttling your bandwidth somehow. Sometimes these occurrences cannot be explained. I subscribed my brother to this same Airtel BB Social plan and it won’t do anything on his iPhone 3GS while it allow me use Opera Mini only when I put it in my Android phone. Also, my SIM will work only with Opera Mini on his 3GS.

  9. I am able to use all the apps on my Galaxy Note with the Airtel bb social plan. I tried the Etisalat bb plan, it didn’t work. I am contented with the Airtel own sha. I just wondered why the Telecom operators won’t just come out and give others the same data bundle they give blackberry users.

  10. @belushi – I wonder o. BlackBerries make use of compression technology to deliver data faster but even at that, I wish our networks wud come out with more cost effective plans for users of other mobile Os.

    Good to hear about the airtel plan for d first time

  11. Some of us adopted the blackberry early and later dumped it due to issues that could not be compromised. As it later turned out, we realised that we were using dated devices. I started with a Tour and was frustrated as hell. Now I use a Curve 9380 and I hardly see those annoying shut-downs when loading a webpage or those crashes and restarts. The browser I hated has undergone a remake on OS7 and the touch interface is good, blending the use of keys perfectly well with the touch. The only touchscreen phone you can hold while the screen is on without fear of triggering an app.

    How I wish RIM had done this like two years back things would have been different with their sales and income.

  12. Emma, I never believed you’d ever use a blackberry device. Funny how people can easily change their mind.
    Same reason why I have to choose a blackberry device for now is because of freedom with the internet. That tag ‘unlimited data’ is a scarce phrase in other devices only if you work yourself magic.
    Good you’re loving the bb. I was no 1 hater back then but I’d give a lot of things to have a bb now.

  13. Emma how is the BlackBerry browser fairly good? That thing is grey and white 90 percent of the time you scroll. Scrolling is pretty much the point of using a browser y’know

  14. Screen estate aside, the browser is quite superb. The issue of it forcefully closing tabs most times is as a result of RAM space. I myself cannot believe I’m defending the browser on a BB but I feel the browser works even with it’s little quirks

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