I was recently checking my timeline on Twitter a few days ago when I stumbled upon a discussion by Mr Mobility about Etisalat and Airtel

Why I Might Get A BlackBerry Device

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I was recently checking my timeline on Twitter a few days ago when I stumbled upon a discussion by Mr Mobility about Etisalat and Airtel offering unlimited data plans for their Blackberry devices.

You see I am a very heavy data consumer and i burn through data plans that is initialy meant for a month in weeks, even days atimes.

Then I continued to follow the discussion and I found out that there may be a possibility that tethering to devices like laptops do not attract any extra charges and i started getting interested.

I am an avid Android user and I really like the whole concept and implementation of the operating system as a whole and the thought of me using a Blackberry would repulse me on a normal day.

See, I do not hate the Blackberry OS. In fact I have really admired how they have gotten this far considering that they evolved from making pagers back in the day. Another feat that makes me respect Blackberry is the social network integration and how they are able to provide enterprise like security on a mobile phone.

All the feats aside, I at one stage in my life had declared that I wouldn’t want to be caught dead with a Blackberry because it just wasn’t made for me.

But I think that I’m going to have to swallow the Blackberry pill because that is looking like the best alternative to having unlimited data and blazing fast network combined in a cheap package that is both economical and value for the money (If the service works).

Lastly anyone knows how much a Blackberry 8520 costs?


  1. We do indeed have some things in common. The only reason i bought a BB was because of its relatively cheap data bundle pricing. Their devices do not compare to most Android or IOS devices and are definitely overpriced. And like you, that was why i settled for the cheapest model 8520, which is retailing for less than N30,000.

  2. @Wale-Spot on, that is why i think that getting a Blackberry is looking like a very good move economically speaking even though i am not letting go of my Android phone anytime soon

  3. The Curve 8520 is not an option for me. Someone I know had one and allowed me to check Facebook on it. The first thing I noticed was that the numbers and letters on the keys had come off! That pretty much put me off that model.

    There are 4 models I would consider (in no particular order): Torch 9800, Bold 9790 (only Bold I like the look of), Curve 9360 or Curve 8900.

    As for data, personally I don’t trust Airtel’s connection, but I do have an unused Etisalat sim lying around….

  4. Glo gives 3gig for 1400 *though they claim its unlimited* curve 8520 costs 31,500 at my location but that runs os5 *which is so old* rather get curve 9300 3g that is 40,000 at my location it runs os6 which I must say I a beauty to behold.

  5. Dont go for curve 8520, doesnt ve 3g..rather look for those with 3g since u are after d data. I’m sure u dont want crappy downloads

  6. @shayman, I was about mentioning that. You need a 3g capable BB so you can tether same high speed.

  7. This is where we all come round the table and agree.

    Some folks have nick named me Blackberry later. Check my conversation yesterday on Twitter, it was centered on shopping for the cheapest nice Blackberry for me.

    I have personal beef for the phone. I’m swallowing the Blackberry pill soon, after dumping my first blackberry in January 2011. Why?

    I drink data like some people drink beer. In other to reduce my recurrent expenditure of mobile internet, Blackberry may hold the pass.

    Another factor is the QWERTY physical keys. I sweat in my palm and that makes typing on my N8 a challenge at times.

    Considering a Blackberry 9300 or 9360 in my case.

  8. quitely i have been loading airtime on my etisalat sim like craze,with funn hope that i will win their curve 4.with etisalat i believe i may win again,i had won mobile phones.Arsenal training back etc.
    I more than a blackberry hater,yet a man is true when he can turnaround if there is a genuine reason.Now we have one- DATA

  9. @Shayman and Belushi – I would be quite content with the Curve 8900 and its lack of 3G. It doesn’t exist in my neck of the woods and when it makes guest appearances when I’m out and about, it’s actually worse than EDGE. Seriously.

    @ Emmanuel – the reason I’d go for a Torch 9800 (used of course)is more memory and better camera. Both the Curve 9360 and 8old 9790 come with better cameras but run on OS7 so will cost much more than the Curve 8520. A nice but slightly more expensive alternative, as ‘good’ has suggested, would be the Curve 9300.

  10. Tried tethering a storm 9500 running Os 5 with ‘unlimited data’ on Airtel at 3k per month with a desktop manager, didn’t work. Can someone describe how to tether on an existing BIS please? All those extra data won’t go to waste again!

  11. Yes. Which network allows tethering BB with laptop via Desktop Manager and does one need to tweek any settings on the BB?
    The ability to tether is in the Desktop Manager but i discovered that trying it while using MTN BIS is an excercise in frutility

  12. I was like you, this time last year. I frequently bashed and hated on blackberry users. After using a Samsung Wave that ate a lot of data, and having data issues with my N8 and laptop, I swallowed my pride and bought a BB Bold9700 in October. Its cheaper data plans just couldn’t be ignored anymore.

    Till today, some of my friends still diss and yab me for buying a BB. I take them all with good grace.

    Emmanuel, I’d advice you to get a BB with just enough specs to satisfy a geek like you. The 8520 will frustrate you soon enough.

    I choose a Bold9700 because Bold series have the best battery lives of blackberries. Also Bold9700 could be upgraded to OS6 (which I did a few days after buying it).

    At the moment, my Bold9780 (I sold the Bold9700 because of RAM issues with OS6) is my primary device for emails, twitter and DOWNLOADING (I’m an addict, yes). My darling N8 has been relegated to the tasks of phone calls, sms, playing games, watching films, and meagre tasks)

  13. @Spacyzuma, never thought anyone could run away from N8 for data issues. Thought Android was the devil. Well, I know you could as well have managed your data better on the N8. Since you download a lot, I think you made the right choice for such activity. I use the Swift4g (with unlimited plan) for all my heavy downloads too (files running from 100s of MB to gigabytes).

    @Noni , I agree with you my brother. Most times edge on my glo is far better than the 3G shown on my MTN. the edge network too is very stable. But one will need that 3G for heavy downloads though on better network.

  14. @ Belushi – I’m working on the premise 3G will show up in my neighbourhood when the rest of Nigeria starts dabbling with HSDPA+!

    I’m also looking at the Bold 9780. Most of my downloads – apart from apps – are usually documents. For me it’s the opposite when it comes to networks: Glo 3G is a non-starter, MTN and Airtel EDGE are much better, with MTN being the most stable. Glo 3G here is worse than GPRS.

  15. Hmmmmnnn, so far its just positives, with more usage the battery life is surprisingly better than my nokia c7, the emails come in almost at once, everyting is just integrated into everything, I browse without bothering about file size… If the negatives come though, I’d update.

  16. Well I never did update mine when I bought it it came with os 6, and os 6 can install ucweb *ucweb has a very powerful download manager with which you can pause file downloads,switch off the phone switch on and resume download* on their site they advise you to backup everything and then download os 6 from their site and then begin the download I’ll also advice you read a lot more about it. Take care

  17. Upgrading to OS6 might slow down the phone. Its slows down bold 9700 with the same 256mb ram…read mobility’s review about curve 9300 on this site.

  18. @good, waaaaaaay cooler.. lol, I’m really enjoying it now, the notifications, & Thanks for the heads up on ucweb browser, at least I can now leave all downloads to my bb

  19. how do you make use of the data or woteva if you eventually do get a bb….@emma or anyone…enlighten me…..am really getting interested in the cyber world…and am being faced with the challenge of getting enough data to burn to accrue all the inormation i need…..As you well know….information brings power….and with the right information at the right time……i reserve my comment on that….please people i need help******crying******

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