It isn’t always possible or expedient to take a telephone call. So, I missed your telephone call. Here are ten (10) valid things that I was possibly up to.

10 possible reasons why I missed your telephone call

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You called but I didn’t pick your call? I am so sorry. I do hope that you understand that sometimes, it isn’t always possible or proper to take a telephone call. Here are ten (10) valid things that I was possibly up to when you called.

Why I missed your telephone call

Why I missed your telephone call

  1. Perhaps I was sleeping or having a nap. You know, that break from the world’s madness that we all need from time to time to maintain our sanity. Yes. And personally, I dislike being woken up from beauty sleep, especially by a telephone call.
  2. I could have been driving at the time and didn’t have a hands-free device on. You do know how dangerous it is taking a phone call manually while on the highway. I am sure that you wouldn’t want me or some other innocent road user dead or maimed.
  3. There is a possibility that I was in a meeting. It could be a formal meeting in which I was trying to strike a deal so I have cash in the bank to meet my day-to-day obligations. Or it could be a counselling session. But someone else had my attention locked down at the time.
  4. Perhaps I was in a theatre seeing a movie. Yes; some people constitute themselves a nuisance and take phone calls in a crowded movie theatre. But it would be rude and inconsiderate of me to do so. And, yes: movies are essential to life. All work and no play…
  5. It could be that I was having a meal. You know, like breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Perhaps I was having a meal at the time. Table manners; no telephone calls.
  6. Perhaps when you called, I was doing some heavy load shedding in the loo, or having a shower. Not all of these mobiles are water-proof these days, you know. Mine certainly isn’t.
  7. Perhaps I just didn’t want to talk to anyone at that time. Maybe I was in a bad mood after losing money or after a fallout with a loved one.
  8. I was ill. You do know that people still fall ill, and I am people; right? It is even possible that I was on a hospital bed, or being given one of those horrible injections at the time you called.
  9. You do know that sometimes I am in a TV or radio studio recording and producing a video, or banging away at my PC producing a story or report. A telephone call is a distraction during such sessions. Please bear with me.
  10. Lastly, it could be that I was busy having sweet, steamy sex at the time you called. There’s a possibility that you might be able to take a phone call during sex, but it would have to be really bad sex for me to take your telephone call. And I doubt that you wish bad sex on me.

lagoon phone call

The above list isn’t exhaustive. I just wanted to share. Don’t be angry. Life happens in a hundred different ways from day to day. If you call and I don’t pick, give me the benefit of doubt and send me a message or call at some other time. Life is too short to be fuming over this.

If I miss your call, I will get back to you. And don’t forget: if you have called once or twice and the recipient does not answer the call, it is good prectice to send a message. That makes it easier for them to get back to you, especially if yourf call was about something important.

Bonus point: To be honest, there is a possibility that you are a rude, uncultured, irrational, impossible, pesky person and I am tired of talking to you, so I deliberately missed your telephone call so as not to have to talk to you. Deal with it. Go fix up and then we can start all over again.


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  1. Such a good list of reasons.Perhaps i may add just one more-If one is busy on another line.

  2. @Biola129
    Why not?
    But there could also be “10 possible reasons why I didn’t return your call”. Lol.

  3. I think I’d appreciate that 10 reasons why I didn’t return your calls… Lolz

  4. yes, people still do flash….
    the “10 reasons I didn’t return your call” should be written by one who’s of the fairer sex

  5. Flashing is THE most annoying thing. If it’s that important, send a text – those 10 flashed calls could have been an equal amount of text messages. Or even, God forbid, leave a voicemail.

    Now I just block numbers that flash me.

  6. what if u call me, am unable to answer d call.. n when I see missed call n I flash back?

  7. Mr ehis, if you flash me it’s simply an indication you are (a) trying to be irritating, or (b) have run out of credit.

    If you keep flashing me after you’ve miss my call I will throw stones at you when I see you next. And if you flash me plenty it berra be something important you want to say other than:

    Hello Ma, how are you?
    I am fine.
    How is everything?
    Everyone is fine
    Thank you ma.
    Ok. Bye.

    That is a kobokoing right there in 6 lines. BLOCK!

  8. lol… nooo… jes a flash or two to say I have seen ur missed call n am available now so pls u can like to call back now… or at least I wld appreciate gals did so, n stop saying he will call back wen am here saying how will I know she’s wit her fone which I don’t want to fill wit missed calls n send d wrong message

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