Perhaps I should have titled this article, The Avalanche of Social Networking and Instant Messaging Services. Still, the current title is not exactly out of

Why I said No to Facebook Chat & Messages

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Perhaps I should have titled this article, The Avalanche of Social Networking and Instant Messaging Services. Still, the current title is not exactly out of line.

Like most people in my social class, I have a Facebook profile that is quite active. Facebook has been immensely useful in catching up with old friends, as well as loved ones who had been scattered to the winds for years.

Recently, I was able to re-connect with scores of my old classmates from back in the day at Federal Government College Odogbolu. Facebook is indeed a powerful platform for catching up and interacting.


However, I noticed that rather than send an email a number of people (consciously or unconsciously) have resorted to using Facebook messages (and even chat) as a standard means of communication. The result is that now, when I am looking for certain information, I have to search both Facebook and my email box in order to find it. Some are here and some are there.

That may be trivial if you deal with small amounts of information, but when you are constantly bombarded with loads of information, messages and requests like I am, it simply becomes a burden.

It may be different with others, but I also find Facebook chat intrusive. When I log into Facebook, I am looking to see what’s new with my contacts – and then that chat menu pops up, breaking my flow. Aaargh!

So, many weeks ago, I simply turned off Facebook chat. And I generally do not bother with Facebook messages anymore. My website and email addresses are public on my Facebook profile, so anyone who has anything serious to pass across to me can use email. That way, my messages are all accessible and archivable in one place. I also no longer send anyone a Facebook message unless in rare cases that they do not have their contact info public. And when I do, I ask for a response via email or phone.

It is worse on mobile. Usually, when I go mobile, it is because I have something specific in mind to do at the time. I don’t bother with Facebook apps and plugins that enable chat. I find no use for them.

There are so many social networking and instant messaging services available that it is just crazy. As a rule, I have stayed with yahoo for chatting, Facebook for social networking, and Twitter for professional updates. How many IDs and logins does one have to do to stay in touch?

Do you use Facebook messages? Do you use Facebook chat (both on PC and on mobile)? How many social networking accounts do you have? How many instant messaging services do you use?


  1. And here I was thinking I’m the only one who hardly ever checks out messages dropped in my facebook inbox. I’m not so averse to facebook chat however, whoever initiated the chat may have gone offline by the time I take note as I prefer my gTalk for chats.

  2. Unlike you, I love the facebook messages. I like the simple way the thread the messages and also group them. Like you, I detest facebook chat!!

  3. I turned off my facebook chat. I rarely use yahoo messanger. I linked my facebook messages to my email so I read everything in my mail. I can only be contacted through sms, email and voice calls. Through these, intrusion is minimal. TWITTER? A no no for me.

  4. For those who would not go into twitter: wait till my e-book on my one year navigation on twitter would be out. I am still researching and using it. It is such an effective tool.

    There is always something on twitter for everyone, individuals, corporate bodies, entrepreneurs, bloggers, writers, musicians, politicians, etc.

    The fact about twitter is, it is challenging to learn. Check articles on mobilitynigeria, that will share certain tips on twitter with you.

    For facebook chat. I don’t like it as much too. I turned it off most times.
    If you use email for business like Yomi and myself, you would know how searching for an email for reference could be very frustrating.

  5. sadly facebook is taking over the internet. i now chat on facebook as much as i used to use yahoo messenger. but i do so via the multi IM client digsby for easy management. how i wish facebook and yahoo saved chats to your email box like gmail does.

    i get your point about wanting all your email easily accessible so i guess if facebook could revamp their messages with their new email feature such that we have IMAP and can manage from email clients or gmail that would be good.

  6. I really don’t use any IM tool anymore. I was totally off facebook after a while and it all became so obtrusive and the messages exchanged there was mostly irrelevant, Yahoo is Obsolete to me. The only chat thingy i use is Google talk and that’s because my fiancee is almost always on there.

    I don’t get why a lot of people say they dont use FB messages. Doesn’t the message get delivered to your email inbox (unless you’ve somehow turned off that notification, is that possible?) and you can simply click on a link in the email, it takes you to facebook messages and you type your reply, hit send – voila! Isnt that how it works for everybody? (Unless your email associated with your FB account is a totally different that you rarely check)

    It’s just amusing when I hear people say they didnt get a facebook message I sent them but they’ve checked their email.

  7. Bayuze,

    I disabled Facebook messages notifications a long time ago and for the same reason that you went off Facebook after a while – the obtrusiveness and the irrelevancy of most of the messages. Plus, your proposed solution does not deal with archiving my replies. Having to look here and there for what I said to someone the last time is a No-No for me.

    Anyone who has anything serious to say to me should simply mail me.

  8. I use facebook message slightly. ESP when i have a contact I know will go to facebook everyday and yet will not remember to check email.

    I use Nimbuzz has my universal chat app for my phone by recently Facebook has refused to connect. Will probably reinstall it.

    I use both Facebook messages and chat slightly.

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