Why I still love my Nokia

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Today it rained cats and dogs at Ikeja and I was caught up in it outdoors. A filling station was my place of refuge from the showers. After a while, a wind showed up and began to send the rain at those of us under the shelter of the station. I had to move. Moreover I had appointments to meet up with. I also needed to make an urgent phone call to make with respect to one of those appointments.

As I crossed the road in search of fresh shelter, I pulled out my backup phone, a Nokia 1616. There was no hesitation about it. Right out in the rain, I made not one but two phone calls before returning it to the relative safety of my pocket.

That Nokia phones are rugged isn’t news anymore but this was one that amazed even me. My Samsung Galaxy S was scared shitless in my pocket all this while and I couldn’t even dare think to bring it out in the heavy torrent.

I still think that Nokia makes the best budget phones out there. This was a clear example of why I love my Nokia.

  1. Nokias are the best any day. It reminds me of my 5210 of old which was actually waterproof. I have the same 1616 above and I charge it once in 2-3 weeks. Now that’s cool.

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m certain a nokia X7, N8 or E7 would equally recoil from the rain and would rather burrow into your skin for shelter before taking a bath. In the same vein, there are several budget samsung phones that can take a swim. I should know because a while ago I was asked by my pop to assist in searching for his phone…after much scattering, decided to call the number and heard it ringing from his toilet. Yes, we found it nestled comfortably inside the toilet bowl…probably taking a bath??. Don’t ask me how it got there n since it wasn’t my toilet, ain’t no way I was going to fetch it.
    Point is after drying, disinfecting and Odousing the device generously in perfume, it worked. A samsung D800-that atrocious dual sim device…and its not even exactly a budget phone.

  3. hmmmm . . . @ Zsch. That is one rugged phone you got there.

    I’m a fan of Nokia anytym anyday

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