I want a 3G Android tablet. Yes; I already have a tablet, a WiFi-only tablet. That’s the BlackBerry PlayBook – and it is a fantastic

Why I want a 3G Android tablet

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I want a 3G Android tablet. Yes; I already have a tablet, a WiFi-only tablet. That’s the BlackBerry PlayBook – and it is a fantastic work and play tool. Only that I am now we wishing that it has a SIM slot. You see, I have to share the mobile internet on my smartphone via hotspot to be able to work online on the PlayBook. This means that both devices run out of power very quickly. The PlayBook gives me the sort of liberty that I want on a mobile device, but the lack of a SIM slot and the attendant issues is getting to me.

I have also owned two iPads – versions 1 and 2. Both were SIM-enabled. Both were good devices, but I cannot live with the restrictions of both iOS and the iPads themselves. Very frustrating for me.

A 3G Android tablet would take care of all the above issues. When I’m working online on my tablet, my smartphone can rest and have its power conserved. Making sure that the tablet runs Android would mean having the sort of liberty that I want too. The liberty to plug my tablet into a PC and copy files across. The liberty to multitask properly. The liberty to enjoy full Bluetooth capabilities.

But most of all, my phone’s battery doesn’t have to run out as fast as it currently does.

I have owned a number of Android smartphones – fourteen (14) to be precise – and not a single tablet on that platform. It certainly is time to try out an Android tablet. A 3G Android tablet.

  1. You are right Mister Mo. The limitations on ios are to much.

    I have been spending a whole week searching for an ideal Tab. I am considering Galaxy Tab 7.7.

    I have impression that Samsung dproducts have file system that allows uploading on a web browser.

    I have consideration for the hotspot function on it too. As much as I have enjoyed my iPad 2 3G, I believe I need a change or anther to complement it.

  2. These days of having multiple devices that are internet enabled; phones, laptops, tablets, game consoles and handhelds, digital cameras etc, some of which are 3/4g and not just wifi only, it may be difficult to maintain several SIMS across these devices and subscribing for data on all of them. A mifi device will be better, an unlocked generic one with a good battery life to enjoy internet on all the devices. Just one SIM and one data plan and you are in business.

  3. Asus has a fantastic dual-core 3G tablet called “Eee Pad Transformer TF101G”. But the fact that the new model quad-core “Eee Pad Transformer Prime TF201” has been launched without 3G capabilities, shows a certain disinterest the 3G models. It seems as 3G models are not well accepted by the market and the manufacturers prefer to develop wifi-only tablets. A shame, especially when it isn’t a major cost increase in the manufacturing process.

  4. You could install android ICS (CM9) on your hp TouchPad, like I did, and though it’s wifi-only.

    The best tablet for me right now, is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. 3G, makes phone calls, has memory card slot, and with ics!

  5. The one thing that puts me off of a 3G tablet is having to juggle SIMs. It was annoying having to do it with a phone, having to do the same with a phone and tablet – I’ll pass. As per Abimbola’s suggestion, a mifi device it is for me.

  6. Abimbola has said it all. I have multiple wifi enabled devices and it simply doesn’t make economic sense to subscribe for different data bundles. A mifi has that sorted out. I once opined on this blog that smartphones with hotspot
    Capabilities were not meant to be used as a primary hotspot device rather it was for occasional use. Using it daily will definitely impact negatively on battery life and the overall performance of the phone.

    If the battery life of the mifi is a concern, there are mifi devices that last uptown seven hours on a single charge.

  7. The release of predominantly wifi only devices is due to the fact that abroad wifi is prevalent. If you had plently of open, fast wifi hotspots wherever you are, you wouldn’t complain about wifi only devices. I believe they also have better battery life compared to 3G devices. Just my 2 kobo.

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